Leadership means you lose your right to be selfish

Zephaniah gives hope and a plan, regardless of the hopeless situation they had to judge, the Old Testament prophets almost always closed their writings with words of hope. Zephaniah even offers a plan for repentance and invites the people to walk in it. He navigates the path back to God, outlining it this way, wait for God to remove the cancerous population.

Trust God to restore a remnant of humble, obedient men and women. Look to God and rejoice that He has taken away your guilt. Hope in God to renew your peace and strength. Allow God to recover the appointed feasts and the lost people.(zeph.3:8-20).

Prophet Haggai teaches us about the Law of Priorities. God raised him up to address the misplaced priorities of the Hebrews under the Persian reign of Cyrus. Haggai insisted on doing the right things at the right time, for the right reasons.

Haggai was the first prophet to serve God’s people when the Jews returned to their homeland after the Babylonian exile. Leadership means you lose your right to be selfish. The builders in Haggai’s day had left their original purpose to construct the temple and instead went to work on their own houses and businesses. It took a leader like Haggai to call them back to their purpose. Chapter one outlines what happened when they abandoned their highest priority.

They failed to consider how their actions contradicted their faith. They worked hard but saw few results. They spent much but received little in return. They felt dissatisfied in their production (Haggai 1: 3-9).

When the anointed and appointed people of God fail to maintain proper priorities, disappointment always results. Remember the right priorities of your effort will get you 80% of the desired results. It is not about working harder, but smarter.

People of God must understand their priorities before they can implement them. Once they perceive what is most important, their work is half finished. It’s all about perspective. In the second chapter of his book, the prophet addresses the complaints of the nation simply and in a straight forward manner. Haggai spoke for God and gave his countrymen the divine Perspective.

God’s Response in Haggai chapter 2 is The job is God’s and Lord required Haggai to work together with Him. So Lord showed Haggai that God is the Source, and He owns all the resources. Lord reveals Haggai that what he builds, Lord will fill with His glory. That’s good enough.

As a People of God, if we forget the Ultimate Priorities, we will be Enslaved to the immediate. So let us be more Cautious about our priorities in our life as God’s children. Amen.

God bless,

Yours In Christ,
Mercy joy, Bangalore ✝️🛐.