God’s Peace Plan

🔰 The Book of Isaiah 🔰

Chapter 9 – Isaiah prophesies about Jesus. Zebulun and Naphtali were humbled when the Assyrians attacked. But Galilee will be honoured, fulfilled when Jesus ministered in Caperneum. Jesus and His salvation would be a light for the gentiles. Isaiah predicts that God would destroy the Assyrian army.

Jesus a royal Son, Son of David was born. He is given four throne names,

❇️ Counselor — points to Messiah as king who will carry out a royal programme.
❇️ Mighty God – divine power as a warrior.
❇️ Everlasting Father – an enduring and compassionate provider and protector.
❇️ Prince of Peace– His rule will bring wholesomeness and well-being. He will rule in righteousness for ever and will never abandon His people.

The Lord’s anger against Israel – The Lord will bring the enemies on Israel. The Lord will have no pity for everyone was ungodly and wicked. The land will lie scorched and the people would suffer.

Chapter 10 – Disaster would come from far. Babylon was a hammar and club used by God to punish nations. God was going to send them against godless Judah. God would deal with Jerusalem and all her images. Then the Lord would punish the Assyrin king and his warriors for their willful pride of their heart and haughty look of their eyes.

The Remnant of Israel – They will rely on the Lord, the Holy One of Israel. Though Israel was like the sand of the sea shore, only a remnant will return. The Lord God will carry out the destruction of the others. The Lord Almighty would ask them not to be afraid of the Assyrians. The Lord will lash them with a whip and strike them down. The yoke of the Assyrians would be broken and their burden lifted. Sennacherib and his armies will fall.

Chapter 11 – This chapter is all about the Messiah and His rule. The Messiah will grow as a shoot from the stump of David’s dynasty. He will be blessed with wisdom, understanding, counsel, power, knowledge and fear of the Lord. Justice, righteousness and faithfulness would be the mark of His reign.

The peace and safety of the Messianic age are reflected in the fact that children will play unharmed with ferocious animals. The leopard, the goat, the calf, the lion and the cow and the ox will peacefully stay together. The place of rest would be glorious. There would be peace and unit

Chapter 12 – God’s anger was turned away. So they sang a song of praise. God was their salvation and strength. They thanked the name of the Lord and exalted His name. They sang because God had done glorious things. Great was the Holy One of Israel among them.

Chapter 13 – A Prophecy against Babylon – The prophecy against the Assyrian empire, Babylon being it’s most important city. God will punish sin, specially arrogance. God is the head of the armies of Israel that will destroy Babylon. Cosmic darkness is associated with God’s judgement.

War would reduce the male population drastically. Thunder storms, earth quakes and hail will accompany the powerful presence of the Lord. Babylon with its temples, palaces and hanging gardens was completely deserted. It became a home for demons and evil spirits. She will never be inhabited and lived in through generations.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa 📝

✌️God’s Peace Plan✌️

Isaiah 11:1-10

🎄Christmas celebrates the coming of the Messiah, the Prince of Peace.

🕊However, in 3530 years of recorded history, there have only been 286 years of peace.
🕊It means only 8 percent of the time, there had been peace.
🕊During that time, 8000 peace treaties have been broken.
🕊However, God has a peace plan for us that will never be broken.

    ✝️ God’s will for us was always for peace.
    ✝️ In Isaiah 11, the prophet pictures a time of peace where wild animals lie peacefully together with a small child lying near them.
    ✝️ This is a description of a future time called the peaceable kingdom under the rule of a King who will establish peace.
    ✝️ Despite this, the fact remains that there is little real peace in our lives.
    ✝️ However, in the midst of all of this confusion, *God comes to offer us peace through SALVATION IN JESUS CHRIST *.
    ✝️ Peace comes through knowing that our sins are forgiven by GOD and we have eternal life.

📍Peace, in being accepted by Christ. Ephesians: 1:6
📍Peace, through the gift of the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 6: 19
📍Peace, through the safety of Christ. John 10: 27-33
📍Peace, of needs supplied.
Matthew 6:3.

    ✌️The best way to feel God’s peace in us, is to practice the presence of God.
    ✌️When we practice the presence of God, we can feel his peace within us.
    🤝 In Matthew 5:9, Jesus said, ”Blessed are the peacemakers.”
    🤝 After we have received the peace of God and experienced it within, we share that peace with others.
    🤝 Romans 15:5 states that we are to live in harmony with each other.
    🤝 A peacemaker shares peace with
    others and seeks to bring peace to situations.
    🤝 We as peacemakers should be humble and not proud.

When do we adopt God’s plan for peace.
💥When we have received the peace of God.
💥When we accepted peace of God within.
💥When we shared peace with others.
💥Some other peacemaking principles are:
a. Have patience. James 3:18
b. Show no partiality. James 3:17
c. Remember the golden rule.
Matthew 7:12

☮️ God’s peace plan is to give peace to us so that the peace in us may be shared to others by us.


Princess Hudson