The Book of Job:39-42 📕 Psalm 1&2

The Lord Speaks – God confronts Job with a series of questions and challenges Job to answer them. The creation of animals specially wild animals testifies to God’s sovereignty power and care. He questioned Job about the wild goats, donkeys and wild ox. These wild animals would never consent to serve man.

The ostrich does not even care for her young. Does man give the horse strength to be fearless and never shy away from the sword? He catches the scent of battle when he hears the blast of the trumpet and the shout of the commanders. Job did not have any power over the eagle or hawk.

Job Chastened – Job was chastened and was unwilling to speak another word of complaint. The Lord spoke of His own justice and Job’s futile attempt at self justification. The Lord asserted His ability to administrate justice.

Job was admonished to surrender to God’s strong power. Job did not have an arm like God’s to capture and trap a large land animal like the behemoth. No one was fierce enough to rouse leviathan, a large sea animal.

The Lord Exalted: The Lord alone is king over all; He alone could humble creatures.

Supreme Purpose of God : Job finally saw that God and His purposes were supreme. Now Job had seen God with eyes of faith and spiritual understanding. He accepted God’s plan for his life which included suffering.

He repents for his harsh words to God. Despite Job’s mistakes in word and attitude while he suffered. God commended him and rebuked the counselors for their spiritual arrogance. Job SPOKE TO GOD but they SPOKE ABOUT GOD.

Double Blessing – Job’s prayers for those who abused him marked the turning point back to prosperity. His latter part of life was blessed more than the first. He had seven sons and three daughters. The number of animals was doubled.

Think it Over : God does not allow anyone to suffer for no reason. In this life we may not understand His divine purposes. We must trust Him as the God who only does what is right.

🎶 The Book of Psalms : 1, 2 🎶

The Psalms is a book of prayer and praise and also professes faith and trust in God.

Psalm 1 : Two ways are mentioned in this Psalm.
1) The way of sinners.
2) The way of the righteous.

The way of sinners: People in this way are ungodly. For them evil is habitual and wickedness a way of life. They reject God’s law. They are wretched and will not be able to stand in God’s judgement.

The way of the Righteous: They do not associate themselves with the wicked sinners. They seek guidance for life in God’s Law. They are blessed like a flourishing tree which withstands strong winds and it is a blessing to man and animals with its unfailing fruit and shade. They honour God and order their lives according to his will. The way of the wicked will perish.

Psalm 2 – In olden days coronation of a new king was an occasion for revolt. He would rule over the empire. To rebel against the anointed king was to rebel against God who anointed him. The Lord mocks the rebels. You will rule them with an iron scepter. These words will be fulfilled in the triumphant reign of Christ. The faithful followers of Christ will share in the rule over nations. The rebellious rulers of the earth are warned to serve the Lord with fear.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa 📝

Lord asked Job: Do you still want to argue with the Almighty Job 40:2

Job says Lord I am nothing and I have nothing to say I will not speak anymore

God wants us to recognise our nothingness so that He can be everything in our lives. Then our lives will fulfil His purpose and be a blessing to multitudes. Before God can use someone, He has to reduce him to nothing

Paul said what is Paul? What is Apollo’s? I planted ,Apollo’s watered but God was causing the growth. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything. 1 Cor 3:5,6. In other words the one who does evangelism is nothing, the one who does Bible teaching is also nothing. God alone who makes us grow in His likeness is everything and so He alone deserves all the glory.

Cynthia Sathiaraj