Feed My Lambs John 21:15

Author Gary Wills talks about the “radical leader” in his book Certain Trumpets. Wills describes such leaders as people who vote with their life. Others follow them because they are ready to die for their cause. They are rare, but we see them throughout history. Jesus showed us He is the Ultimate Radical Leader by willingly giving up His life to accomplish His purpose. It was not easy for Him, He felt pain just like anyone else. But His kind of abandonment to His cause challenges us to take notice and choose sides. The power of example is the greatest motivator there is.

Many leaders say they intend to work themselves out of a Job. This is exactly what Jesus did. In john 20 Jesus puts His final touches on the empowerment of His twelve, then turns them loose. Jesus gives them His peace(john 20:21). He breathes on them to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. (V22). This peace and power would enable them to serve Supernaturally. The Law of Empowerment, Jesus gave His ministry Away to His disciples. Now those disciples were now ready to be World Changers.

How can we do the same? What steps can we take to mentor and empower others? We learn some practical applications of the process Jesus modeled. When we think about the Kingdom of God, Jesus is our model.

Pray for conviction and vision. Select a person or group from your sphere of influence to mentor.We must spend meetings together to discuss expectations and goals. We must cast vision to them for spiritual reproduction. Ask for commitment, and determine what tools or resources we will use together.

Prepare ourself and set goals for each meeting. We have to meet regularly for a set time. We have to discuss and apply the truths we learn together. Invest yourself in the person, the process, and the purpose.

Help others find a potential person to mentor. We have to evaluate and launch them to try the process themselves. (John 20:21-22).

Just before Jesus left earth for heaven, Jesus invested significant time in Simon Peter. Jesus wanted to help Peter recover from his sin the night he denied Jesus three times. Christ intended to call Peter to minister and lead.

Jesus knew that His time was short. Yet He asked Peter three times if he loved Jesus.When Peter assured his Lord of his love, Christ called him to the natural response: “Feed My Lambs” (John 21:15).

Love should motivate us to serve. In the same way the Father sent Jesus to save the lost sheep of Israel, Jesus called Peter to feed His lambs. Jesus made His legacy dependent on Peter and the other disciples who picked up the baton and ran with it. Jesus used the Law of Legacy to find a Successor to continue His Father’s work on Planet Earth. Success without a successor is a failure. (John 21: 15—17). So by God’s grace we have come to end of the gospel of John.


Acts is a book of action! Notice, it’s called “ACTS,” not “Reacts.” It is about the Initiative and action of the Holy Spirit in the lives of disciples who formerly were cowardly, unsure, and ignorant. Those men, who had learned to follow Jesus for three years, were now learning to lead!

In this sequel to his Gospel, Dr.Luke reports that those early disciples mobilized the church so effectively that they reached entire cities (9:35) and saturated whole countries with the gospel. (19 :10).

God bless,

Yours in Christ,
Mercy Joy, Bangalore.