Jesus wants to reveal to us who He is

Lockdown Reflections… 📝
Food from my Host’s Kitchen Table 🍽️🍯🥛🍴
Take a Break with Jesus in the Lockdown 🍞☕
Day 224, 270 Days Bible Reading, Tuesday, 23.2.21.
Let’s not blame others for our bad days in this Lockdown… Luke 10:40.

One thing that I have learnt in my one year of lockdown is this, Jesus doesn’t want us to be stressed while serving Him. Martha got a very simple message from Jesus, which is also a lesson for me when I get stressed out. If I am too stressed out, then, “get out of the serving mode” and “get into the receiving mode,” Luke 10:39.

Martha’s home was always open for Jesus and He loved her food and hospitality. But on this particular day Martha, a really good person, was having a really bad day! We are allowed to have a ‘bad day’ once in a while. But, it becomes really bad when we start blaming others for our bad day. Martha gets stressed out and gets annoyed with Mary. Instead of Being on her Feet and Getting her Feet into her Big Sister’s Kitchen, Mary is at The Feet of Jesus! Mary was not hungry for her Sister’s Food! She was Hungry for her Saviour’s Food — for The Words that will Proceed out of His Mouth, Matthew 4:4.

In Luke 10:38-42, We know that Martha was setting the Table for Jesus. Jesus was a Frequent Visitor to her home. The Whole Town Knew Jesus was at home with Mary and Martha. Look at both the Sisters. Martha got Stressed Out at the Thought of Seeing Mary Stress-less! Martha’s Feet was Wearing out, while Mary was wearing her Shoes of Peace, Ephesians 6:15. We should be walking in the path of peace after sitting at the feet of the Prince of Peace. How Beautiful are the Feet of those who Choose to Sit at the Feet of the One who Brings the Good News, Romans 10:15. Jesus wants us to have an Intimate Relationship with Him. We might think it is for our Purpose and for our Benefit. However, His primary purpose for Intimacy with Believers Is To Reveal Himself.

Jesus wants to reveal to us who He is

Child of God, Remember this, Jesus wants To Reveal to Us WHO HE IS And WHAT HE IS And WHAT HE HAS And WHAT HE CAN DO in our stress-filled life. Revelation Knowledge Comes With a Deep Relationship. It Is Not Head Knowledge. We don’t approach Him out of Selfish Interest. We approach Him out of a deep desire to know Him. In Spite of all her Sister’s Critical Words, Mary stayed Focused on His Face. Martha Would Soon Learn From The Lord That, For Her Feet To Be Stable and Strong in The Kitchen, She Must First Learn to Rest her Feet at HIS FEET!

Martha Sacrificed Her Feet Standing All Day in the Kitchen, wanting to be the Most Perfect Host and Rightly So. But her Feet Became Weary and She needed an Extra pair of feet in the kitchen! She knew Mary was her Best Helper. So She asked Jesus to Persuade Mary to Help her in the Kitchen only to be Told Off Gently by Reminding her that Mary was doing the Right thing at the Right Time! Luke 10:42.

At that Moment in Time, Jesus Wanted Intimacy, and Not Interruption and Interval for food. God, Our Father, wants Us, His Children, to understand how He operates. The only way to gain such Knowledge is by Sitting At His Son’s Feet and allowing God to Unveil Himself through Jesus in Our LIFE. This means we must be willing to go through difficulty and pain as well as happiness and peace in this lockdown. We won’t know the truth that the Holy Spirit is our Comforter until We get to the place of solace.

What a Privilege it is for us to have an Intimate relationship with Jesus and having Him Reveal to Us Truth by Truth and to Allow the Truth Revealed to Work Out in Our Lives. To have a Stress-Free Kitchen, Home, or Life in this Lockdown, stop the blame game and Be Found at His Feet, Seeking His Face, and Not His Hands… Amen! 🙏

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