The Savior transforming a sinner. Luke 19:1-10

  1. Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector of Jericho. Lk.19:1-4
    JESUS was passing through Jericho to Jerusalem. A big crowd was following Him.

Jericho- is 18 miles northwest of Jerusalem.It was a very wealthy and important town. Roman Government was getting a big amount as tax from this place.

a. Zacchaeus,the chief tax collector- an abbreviation of Zachariah.(=the righteous one) He was one in charge of a district, with other tax collectors under him. He was collecting tax for Romans. He was a rich man as he was earning a lot by corruption.
b. The desire of Zacchaeus.
He wanted to see who Jesus was 19:3. His desire was only to see..
c. The obstacles.
He was short in stature and because of the huge crowd, couldn’t see.
d. Overcoming obstacles.

His desire was so strong that he ran ahead and climbed on a sycamore fig tree.(A sturdy tree from 30 to 40 feet, with a short trunk and spreading branches, capable of holding a grown man)

  1. The SAVIOR searching the sinner
    a. Jesus stopped and looked up. 19:5
    b. Jesus called the sinner by name and asked him to come down. 19:5
    c. Jesus deciding to stay in his house.
    I must stay at your house today. 19:5.
    d. Response of Zacchaeus and others.
    a. Zacchaeus- came down at once and welcomed Jesus gladly. 19:6
    b. People- they mutter “He has gone to be the guest of a SINNER.” 19:7

3.TRANSFORMATION which Jesus brought into the life of Zacchaeus.
a. Look, LORD. Lk.19:8
Zacchaeus accepted the Lordship of Jesus, which transformed him. That transformed everything…
b. I give half of my possessions to the poor. Lk.19:8
He was very keen to make money even by exploiting the poor. Now all on a sudden, that attachment to money disappeared. Now all on a sudden, he started loving the poor and wanted to help them. He is giving away 50% of all his possessions.
A professional extortionist became an instant philanthropist.
c. ..I have cheated..I will pay back four times the amount. Lk.19:8.

Giving back 400% to all those whom he cheated.(Please read Exodus 22:1 and 2 Samuel 12:6)
Confessing his sins and willing to give back.. A changed man from greed to generosity.

Genuine transformation. Inside change becoming visible to thousands of people in Jericho and around. He might have witnessed to everyone about what happened.
A 180 degree shift in his aim, life and actions.

When electricity goes to a bulb, it immediately gives light and produces heat also.(Please memorize 2 Cor.5:17)

d. Today salvation has come to this house Lk.19:9
When Jesus went and stayed in his house, a new understanding and a new relationship started.

Zacchaeus, welcomed Jesus into his life and to his house. He accepted Him as his LORD. So he got saved. It seems, his family also did the same thing. So the whole family got salvation.

19:9- A true Jew, not only of the lineage of Abraham but one who walks in the footsteps of Abraham’s faith.

In the end Jesus, proclaimed the purpose of His coming. The Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. Lk.19:10.

Are we attached to money and possessions?
Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. He will transform you to be a New Person.

Is there a visible transformation in our life, to Jesus, to money and to the society?

Zacchaeus was witnessing to all the people around by what he did. How is our witnessing today?


Rev. C. V. Abraham