O “Bartimaeus”, receive your sight

Mark 11:25 “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.” –

Here Jesus discusses the power of prayer.
Jesus reminds us that we must have faith and forgiveness when we
In verse 25, Jesus adds a crucial qualifier for God to answer our prayers; we must be forgiving people.

So how can we have an unforgiving attitude?

  • Remembering God’s forgiveness:
    Even though He knew we would fail time and again, He established a relationship
    with us.

So…….. dear friends,..
……. If we want God’s forgiveness, we must learn to forgive others.

Every one of us has been hurt, are hurting now, or are going to be hurt by somebody.
Sometimes the hurt is intentional, and other times it is not.
But in the end, hurt is hurt.

There are 2 ways we can respond to the hurt.

  • we can hold it and feed the pain to grow or..
  • not to allow the pain to rule over us.

No pain is too deep beyond the power of God’s forgiveness.

Unforgiveness is a choice we make with the will – and it’s a bad choice, for the relationship with others and with God.

…. When we come before God in prayer, think of any person that might have sinned against us and made us angry, sad or hurt, and forgive them

Be free of the hurt. And be free to walk in harmony with God.

Forgiven people should be forgiving people.

Jooley Mathew Z


(Mark 10:46-52)

In today’s passage ie “In the healing of Bartimaeus”, John Mark intends to focus at Jesus, being publicly hailed as Messiah
(..,Jesus, son of David..).

📝 Jericho was a city cursed in OT (Joshua 6: 26). Blindness and Begging seems to be a double curse and that too in the city which was already cursed.


✅ Bartimaeus was begging on the road side when Jesus was passing by to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem. It was the peak time for the beggars to earn when a huge crowds pass by.

✅ But it was a life – changing day for Bartimaeus, for he heard about Jesus; His ability to do miracles; His compassion, and now he heard that Jesus is passing by. Bartimaeus had faith that he would be healed and so without wasting time he called out”Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me” (v 47)

📌 Though Bartimaeus was blind but his hearing faculty was active. Jesus called Bartimaeus, and he got up, left everything and came to Jesus.

✅ Jesus asked him”What do you want me to do for you”? Bartimaeus replied,”Lord, I want to see”.

✅ Jesus said,”Go thy way ; thy faith hath made thee whole”. Finally Bartimaeus was healed and he received his sight.

📌 The old city of Jericho was blessed when Jesus passes by 🙌

📌 Bartimaeus symbolizes a pattern by which we can choose to have a better life:

1️⃣ We can have a better life no matter where we are today (place)
2️⃣ We can have a better life no matter what we are doing (profession)
3️⃣ We can have a better life no matter how we are treated (Parental / Friends Attitude)
4️⃣ We can have a better life no matter who are my friends (partners)

Yes, we can have a better life in Christ Jesus ✝

💕 Beloved Church, how is your Spiritual Sight ?
The same Jesus is asking us today”What do you want me to do for you ?”. He wants us to answer exactly what we want.

📝 The Bible says:
“Seek the Lord while he may be found ; Call him while he is near” Isaiah 55:6
Ask and it shall be given unto you, Mat 7:7

Glory to God🙏🏼
✍🏾 Mark Boje, ArP 🇮🇳