Cup bearer to Crisis manager

❇️ Nehemiah was an unique crisis manager beyond compare since he successfully handled two groups of enemies one without ( Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem ) and one within (Nobles and Officials from Jewish community). What a transformation from cup bearer to crisis manager!

❇️ Nehemiah chosen to build the wall of Jerusalem also built the lives of the poor Jewish people exploited by the their Nobles and Officials. His ministry brought justice for the poor people.

❇️ He employed two different approaches to build the wall and the poor people. While he negotiated effectively with the Nobles and Officials, the enemies of the poor, the need for them to give back the fields, houses, vineyards and olive groves to the poor , Nehemiah refused to negotiate with the Gentile enemies in building the wall. He succeeded in both because of his closer walk with God.

❇️ Two important strategies we learn from Nehemiah for our life
▪️ Our ministry should be an extension of our walk with the Lord
▪️ We shouldn’t negotiate with evil people to accomplish God’s purposes

❇️ In 5:9 Nehemiah suggests that we need to walk in the fear of God to avoid the reproach of our enemies. Wisdom from the fear of God enabled him to practise what he preached by lending to the poor money and grain without any usury and hence enemies could not find fault with him.

❇️ Nehemiah out of reverence for God, denied himself the privileges of a Governor (5:15) since they were burdensome on the people.This showed his sensitivity to other’s needs more than his wants.

✅ Insights learnt:
▪️Our ministry is an extension of our walk with God
▪️Do not negotiate with evil people
▪️ Fear of God helps us to avoid the reproach of our enemies
▪️ Be ready to surrender our privileges in our ministry

Dr. E.Christadoss
Vellore 🙏🏽