Believe God and Believe His Word

God is preparing a feast in this lockdown before all the challenges, obstacles, restrictions and limitations… Psalm 23:5.

🐑 The most favourite all-time ‘Psalm of Psalms’ is Psalm 23, which is taught in childhood and as memory verses, and lasts a lifetime in our memory. From childhood to advanced age, we have learnt so much about this Psalm and yet there is so much more to learn. The Psalm begins with “us as the sheep” and “Yahweh as the Shepherd” in Psalm 23:1 and moves to Psalm 23:5 as “us sitting at the table.” The imagery changes from ‘a sheep eating grass to a human eating at the table.’ This tells us that we have to move from being a wandering sheep to a mature Christian. This beautiful Psalm tells us about our progressive Christian growth.

🐑 The Lord’s relationship with us is focused on keeping us safe and well fed, when we are wandering aimlessly, being mindless, and clueless, not knowing our purpose and goal in life. This is how we all start out in our faith walk. But there is a higher purpose in life for us, and therefore He will take us through the valley of the shadow of death, Psalm 23:4 and brings us before a hostile environment in Psalm 23:5. In every life situation we are to trust Him as our Shepherd and put Him ahead of anything else, so that we don’t lack anything to get us through, Psalm 23:1.

🐑 We can’t do spiritual battles as sheep. We defeat the enemy with the help of the strength and confidence that God provides for us. We are His anointed to defeat the evil one through Christ Jesus. Feasting on His Word, which is the Sword of the Spirit, Ephesians 6: 17, will equip us to stand against the enemy, Ephesians 6:13-14.

🐑 We all need guidance to make decisions in life, whether in the kitchen or in the boardroom, or whether in a lockdown situation. Yet in a world as chaotic as ours, the meaning for table in this verse means spread. God isn’t speaking of just a little teeny-weeny plate of food, but a massive, abundant and extraordinary feast. He sets before us course upon course of heavenly delights. There is only one guest at this meal… 👉 YOU!

🐑 We got to chose to eat at the Table set before us. One day I was at the crossroad of decision making. God gave me a choice. I can either choose a life without enemies but with no table, OR I can have a table before the enemies God will only spread His table before the enemies. No enemies, no need for His table. This is a special table which will only appear in trying situations and I need this special table more now in the lockdown than ever before.

The Lord’s supernatural feast becomes even more amazing when we think we are going to be struck down forever and the people are going to gloat over, that is, when His goodness and mercy shows up to lift us up from despair, Psalm 23:6. The world can never comprehend this kind of Love, Mercy and Grace.

🐑 Child of God, Remember this, even in the worst situation you can Stand on God’s Covenant Promise. “No weapon formed against you will prosper”, Isaiah 54:17. Is someone gossiping about you, dragging your name in the mud, betraying you, maligning you, trolling you negatively, etc.? Your Father is already spreading a table for you, wanting to pour upon you His grace, mercy, love and compassion. “He will crown you with love and compassion”, Psalm 103:4. Our fight should not be with people. To defeat the demonic forces, we got to eat from the table for supernatural strength. Both demonic and earthly opponents will all watch as the Lord pours out His oil of gladness on us.

🐑 So are you facing challenges, conflicts, confusion, chaos… because things didn’t go the way you wanted in this lockdown? Relax and Rejoice because you are going to have a Feast!

Believe God and Believe His Word. Accept Jesus’ Forgiveness and Love and allow Him to seat you at His Heavenly Table. God declares this feast a time for joy: “A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry”, Ecclesiastes 10:19.

🐑 God declares this feast a time for anointing, “He anoints my head with oil” Psalm 23:5. As you dine on the sumptuous food, God anoints you with gladness, “God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows” Psalm 45:7… Amen. 🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer 🦌Breaking the Chain with You… ⛓️