Blessings of a Blessed Person

Psalm 112

A. Who is the blessed person?

  1. One who fears the Lord. 112:1. (Reverential fear- a positive quality.)
  2. One who finds great delight in God’s command. 112:1.


  1. His children will be mighty in the land. His generations will be blessed. 112:2. (mighty- will be persons of influence and reputation)
  2. Wealth and riches are in his house.112:3.
  3. Even in darkness, light dawns for him.112:4.
  4. He will be generous and lends freely. Good will come to him. 112:5.
  5. He will never be shaken. 112:6.
  6. He will be remembered forever. 112:6.
  7. He will have no fear of bad news. 112:7.
  8. His heart is secure and will have no fear. 112:8
  9. He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor. 112:9.
  10. His horn will be lifted high in honour. 112:9.

C. Response of the WICKED.

  1. Wicked will see the blessings of the righteous and be vexed. 112:10.
  2. He will gnash his teeth and waste away. 112:10.

(Can we write the opposite of v.1 and then vv.2-9). For example. Wicked is the person who doesn’t fear God.He finds God’s commands as very boring and meaningless and is not interested to study God’s word.

vv. 2-9.His children will be weak in the land. His generation will be cursed.v2. Poverty and scarcity are in his house.v3. Even in light, darkness dawns for the wicked.v4. Bad will come to him who is always selfish..v5. He will always be shaken and will be forgotten by everyone..v6 He always fear about bad news..v7. His heart is always the end he will look with shame on the righteous. V8. He never help the poor..he will be humiliated.v9.
…….. …….. ….

D. What happens to the desires of a wicked person?

The longings of the wicked will come to nothing. The wicked will have many desires but they won’t be satisfied.v9.

Am I a blessed person, one who fears God and who finds great delight in God’s Word?

Are all the blessings in Psa.112:2-9, true in my life? If not, why?

Rev. C.V. Abraham.