Psalm 73 and 75

Psalm 73

This Psalm of Asaph begins with the moral of the Psalm being shared right at the beginning of the Psalms itself!

Asaph is now fully convinced that no matter how things seem at present, if we have kept our hearts and motives pure, God goodness will surely be experienced by us as time goes by in a very definite and lasting way, vs 1!

However, from his experience, he was frustrated to see how wicked people did not seem to be punished instantly, but, on the contrary they seemed to prosper in a way that made him envy them and also want to be like them, vs 2, 3! They enjoyed good health* and they did not seem to have the troubles that even normal human beings underwent, vs 4,5.

They had it easy and got richer and richer, vs 12. They spoke as if they ruled in heaven, and had claim over the earth. So much so that it seemed as if they were the ones who controlled the food and water supply, 9,10. Their prosperity caused them to do wrong and think sinfully without shame or fear, vs 7.

Arrogance was their adornment and violence, instead of humility, their clothing, vs 6,8. They reasoned that there is no God who would ever judge or punish them and by their thoughts, words and actions they made themselves out to be God, vs 11!

This made the Psalmist feel that he had laboured in vain, trying to keep his hands and heart pure, vs 13, for all he seemed to receive in return was suffering all day long and punishment every morning, vs 14! This is how he honestly felt while he considered these perplexing thoughts outside of God’s presence, vs 16. Later, he realises the great mistake he would have made had he vocalised these thoughts to other believers, perhaps causing them to stumble too, vs 15! It was only when he came into God’s presence that he got a revelation of how things were going to end for wicked people, vs 17.

God opened his eyes to see them positioned in slippery places such that their end would come so suddenly and it would seem as if they never existed at all, vs 18-20! Yet, outside of God’s presence, he was embittered in his spirit and deeply hurt, being ignorant of God’s ways and lacking insight, just like a senseless animal, vs 21,22! But coming into God’s presence, made all the difference! It made him realise that God was for him and with him continually, holding his right hand, guiding him with wisdom and understanding as he called on God’s Name, and eventually preparing for him a position honour, vs 23,24. What more could he ask for, vs 25? He realises that although his flesh and heart may grow weak, yet, God will always protect him and give him stability, vs 26 and eventually the wicked will perish and be destroyed, vs 27.

Finally, he records the greatest revelation of all, which is, ‘God is all he needs, and as he chooses to abide in God, he will surely live to declare the great things that God did, is doing and would do for him, vs 28’.

Beloved, even as we fight the good fight of faith, let us walk in the light of His Word, so that every fiery dart of the enemy be extinguished and every lie exposed, as we emerge with the knowledge of the truth that comes from being in God’s presence, and we will find that, that truth will indeed truly set us free!

Psalm 75

In this Psalm, the writer Asaph seems to have got a revelation with regard to what he was perplexed about in the previous Psalm!
He begins the Psalm with praise and thanksgiving being excited about the revelation he has received.

What he has now understood, is that, for the sake of God’s Name (character, honour and authority), God will do wondrous works for those who have persistently trusted in Him, without giving up, no matter what they might have had to face as a result, vs 1!

Yet, there is a right timing for each of His judgments to be revealed! He will neither hasten nor delay them, vs 2.

It is He who holds the earth and all its inhabitants in his hand, and since He holds up its pillars, none can tamper with it apart from His permission, vs 3. Throughout the history of the earth, God keeps warnings the fools to stop being foolish and the wicked to stop their wickedness, which they invariably manifest either by their actions or their words, vs 4,5.

For eventually God is going to judge all the earth in righteousness, and He will definitely honour those who honour Him, vs 6,7 and will also make all the sinners of the earth to drink, (even to the very last drop), from the cup of wrath that He holds in His hand, vs 8.

So, being certain that all the power of the wicked will surely be cut off while the power of the righteous shall surely be exalted, vs 10, the Psalmist has come to rest within himself, and confidently goes about his way singing praises unto the Lord’s Name, even the God of Jacob, who assuredly makes all things beautiful in His time, vs 9.

Let us also seek to enter into His rest, leaving all judgment of our persecutors into His hands and continue in well doing, for in due season, we shall reap if we don’t grow weary, Galatians 6:9.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.