Wicked Vs Righteous Psalm 37

King David wrote this Psalm from his life experiences. He delighted in the Lord who gave him the desires of his life. David committed his ways to the Lord and experienced how God takes care of it. Throughout his life, he waited patiently for the Lord…He faced lots of evil men ..

Here is a contrast between the righteous and the wicked. Let us see some of it from Psalm 37.

Righteous/ good people. They do only good.

  • They will trust in the Lord and do good. 37:3.
  • They will dwell in the Lord and enjoy safe pasture.37:3.
  • They will delight in the Lord. 37:4.
  • They will get the desire of their heart. 37:4.
  • They will commit their way to the Lord.37:5.
  • They will wait patiently for the Lord. 37:7.
  • They will refrain from anger and turn from wrath. 37:8.
  • They will inherit the land.37:9,11,22,29.
  • Their inheritance will endure forever. 37:18.
  • They will not wither in times of disaster. 37:19.
  • They will enjoy plenty in times of famine. 37;19.
  • They will give generously. 37:21,26.
  • Their children will be blessed. 37:26.
  • They will dwell in the land forever. 37:27.
  • The Lord loves them and protect them. 37:28.
  • They will speak wisdom 37:30.
  • They will keep God’s Word in their heart. 37:31.
  • The Lord will exalt them. 37:34.

WICKED/ Evil people – they do wrong.

  • Wicked will soon wither and die away. 37:3.
  • They will be cut off. 37:9,22,28,38.
  • They will plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth against them.37:12.
  • Their sword will pierce their own heart. 37:15.
  • They will perish. 37:20.
  • They will vanish like smoke. 37:20.
  • They borrow and do not repay. 37:21.
  • They will stumble and fall. 37:24.
  • They will be forsaken and their children could be begging. 37:25.
  • Their children will be cursed. 37:26.
  • They will not inherit the land. 37:29.
  • They will be destroyed.

Are we righteous people or wicked people?
Let us delight in the Lord in all situations
Let us commit our way to the Lord- all we do, everyday.