I was inspired to tell others the truths from the Bible and write insights

Praise the Lord
My name is Bhavani Jeeja Devaraj. My native place is Nagercoil, Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu. I worked in the Tamilnadu State Government in Revenue department and reached the position of Deputy Collector and retired in 2018. Raised in Christian morals by my parents from my childhood, I worked with honesty and discipline and retired with satisfaction.
★ I have read the Holy Bible many times since childhood. But I have not read properly. Here and there only. It was only after joining the Bible reading program planned and conducted by Rev.C.V. Abraham through WhatsApp, I read the scriptures regularly. I have joined the Bible reading programs in 180, 210, 240, 270 days and read the whole Bible four times.
Currently the scripture is my pleasure.
★ Only this Holy Bible has made me stand in the Lord whenever problems, heartaches, diseases, exhaustion came in life.
★ I was inspired to tell others the truths from the Bible and write insights, only because I had read the Holy Bible four times as planned.
The Holy Bible alone gives me peace and joy.
With the encouragement of Rev.C.V.Abraham I am currently acting as an admin for two groups. Thanks Pastor ..! My sisters Mrs. Maby Sundar, Mrs. Jasmine Mohan, daughter Mrs. Licy John, my friend Mr. Enoch and Mr.Mikavel encourage me very much to write Tamil insights. Thanks to all.
★ Dear ones,
Now the Holy Bible is my friend. My job is to meditate on scripture.
★ I wish you all to read the Holy Bible regularly, meditate and grow in the Lord and be blessed.
【Mrs. Bhavani Jeeja Devaraj,
Group No. 7121 & 7122】