My Dear brother’s & sister’s in Christ

I am Sony. One of the admin in Bible reading group 10204. I was a participant in the 240 Bible reading programme and that was the first time in my life I am reading the entire Bible systematically & methodically.

I was very desperate those days when I joined 240 days bible reading programme because I was blamed by company management not for my fault and simply sacked from the job. But merciful God helped me to overcome those difficult situations. God showed me areas of my life that needed to be changed. Reading bible systematically helped me to have a personal relationship with my Lord. Sitting with the God’s word daily and meditating insights helped me for a complete transformation and changed my life for the better. I must admit that this was the will of the Lord almighty to save my life from sin.

By God’s abundant grace I was spiritually inspired to work as admin in this 270 days bible study group. Thank you God for using me as a instrumental in adding his people to this programme.
This is an amazing experience in this pandemic situation. God enabled me to spend more time with the word of God like never before. This was a great blessing in my life & family.

I am still without a job, yet to get a new opening for my bread and butter, but reading God’s word increased my hope in Christ and all the challenges I have didn’t worry me like before.

As on today we have completed 180 days of bible reading!
As a group, Let’s prayerfully continue the bible reading and May our loving Lord Jesus safeguard us in our journey of bible reading for another 90 days.

Please share your experience in the group to glorify the Lord and to encourage one another.

Group: 10204

Praise the Lord, as many time reading bible give mire different experiences, and understanding, but spending time with God’s word give peace in mind. This 2021 with more insight able to read bible as well as other devotional books, thank you Jesus for helping us in our daily life
Ms. Mathew ,USA

I testify

Truly, I would like to thank God the Father and thank you, that you have added me in 270 days Bible study program group. I was never been able to read the Bible before. I have been blessed so much to know the work of God and I have been able to study Bible. I have received many blessings by reading the Bible. And I want to thank God Almighty and you all very much.

Sweety Nanda
Hindi group 7020

Thank you father God for giving me the opportunity to be part of this blessed program … this is the third time Iam studying the Bible with you all … May God bless us all …. This is a real blessing to me and my family !!

Praise God for faithful disciples like Rev CV Abraham, who started this Bible study inspite of his personal commitments…

I enjoy the rigour & discipline of studying God’s Word…it disciplines me, encourages me and shows me how to walk by faith & not by sight…all the circumstances around me.

I read Jeremiah & Lamentations for the first time & was so blessed.

While the pace of this Bible study is quite rapid, studying in a group, encourages me & helps me learn, as God speaks to me through fellow believers.

Praise God for this wonderful use of WhatsApp !.

Narga, Bangalore.