We need many warriors in the body of Christ

1 Chronicles 7-9 tell us about the genealogies of Issachar, Benjamin, Napthali, Manasseh, Ephraim, Asher and those who were the first to resettle on their property and in their cities after their exile to Babylon. Altogether the genealogical records of the clans of Issachar listed 87,000 warriors, 1 Chronicles 7:5.

Like Issachar, we need many warriors in the body of Christ who will engage in spiritual warfare that brings down the spiritual strongholds of satanic influence through repentance, faith, worship, praise and thanksgiving, Acts 16:20-34.

In comparision, the warriors in Benjamin and Asher were much less, vs 7,9,11,40. Nevertheless, each tribe had their place and talent to fulfill, and as long as they did what they could and we’re supposed to do, that is what really mattered! Zelophehad was Manasseh’s second son; who only had daughters.

These wise woman approached Moses in humility, and so, became inheritors of land too in accordance with the Lord’s command to Moses on the issue, vs 15, Numbers 27:1-11. Joshua, the mighty man of God, was a descendant of the tribe of Ephraim, vs 27.

Although Ephraim mourned over the death of two of his sons, who die for stealing cattle, yet God blessed him with a wise daughter who was a builder in the midst of such tradegy, vs 24. King Saul and his son Jonathan were descendants of the tribe of Benjamin, 1 Chronicles 8:33.

In 1 Chronicles 9, we see that God took note of all those who were the first to resettle on their property and in their cities after their time of exile was complete, vs 2,3. Many of them included the priests, Levites and the temple servants, vs 10,11. They also included gatekeepers, storekeepers, bakers and musicians, vs 13, 17-34.

No matter how small it may seem, yet each member has a very important part to play in the body of Christ! Even woman like Sheerah and the daughters of Zelophehad did what they could, and a mention is made of the same in the pages of the Bible! Similarly, this is a clear indication that God continues to chronicle our lives too.

Let us determine not to be like the wicked and lazy slave who buried his talent and was assigned a place in the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, Mathew 25:30! Women have an important place in the Kingdom too, and so, we must seek God for direction and grace to know His will and do what He leads us to do, while we still can, if we don’t wish to end up like the wicked and lazy slave!

The smallest of Israel’s tribes, and the family clan which was also the smallest of all the tribes of Benjamin brought forth a king who reigned Israel for forty years, 1 Samuel 9: 21.

Let us be inspired from these examples, and make sure that we give no further excuses but boldly serve God’s purpose in our generation to the glory of God and the blessing of His people, in line with His perfect will. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.