God of Gideon is our God

The book of Judges describes the life of Israel in the promised land from the death of Joshua to the rise of the monarchy. After settling down in Canaan, “They forsook the Lord , the God of their fathers, who had brought them out of Egypt. They followed and worshipped various god’s of the people around them.” Judges.2:13.

God was angry with them as they forsook him and served Baal and the Asherahs.( god’s of the Canaanite people). Jud.2:14.God allowed their enemies to ill treat them. God raised up Judges to rescue them. (2:16) When a judge die, they
prostituted themselves to other god’s and worshipped them. (2:17)

Something repeated ” The Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord.” Judges.3:7,12; 4:1: 6:1…..When they suffered from their enemies “they cried out to the Lord” Judges.3:9,15; 4:3; 6:7……

The book of Judges mention about 12 judges and the 1st book of Samuel mentions about Eli, Samuel + Joel and Abiah.(2 sons of Samuel).

Let us study about GIDEON, 5th judge. Judges. 6,7,8.

“The Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord, and for seven years, He gave them into the hands of the Midianites.” Judges.6:1. They were so oppressive that the Israelites prepared shelters for them in mountain clefts, caves and strongholds 6:2.

When the Israelites cried to the Lord because of Midian,he sent them a prophet (6:7) who told them the mistakes they committed.

When God called Gideon, he was threshing wheat by hiding, in a wine-press (6:11). When God asked him to save Israelites. From their enemies, his answer was “But Lord” Gideon asked “how can I save Israel?My clan is the weakest in Manasseh and I am the least in my familyJudges.6:15.

The first task given to Gideon was to “tear down your fathers altar to Baal and cut down the Asherah pole.” (6:25.) “Because he was afraid of his family, and the men of the town ,he did it at night rather than in the daytime.”( 6:27) This shows how much he was afraid of others.
“All the Midianites, Amalakites and other eastern people joined forces” to attack Israel.(6:33) “Then the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon and he blew a trumpet.”(6:34). 32,000 Israelites (7:3) came forward to fight under Gideon. But God selected only 300 people “in order that Israel may not boast against me that his own strength have saved her” Judges.7:2.

Gideon and his 300 men just “blew their trumpets and broke the jars that were in their hands.”( 7:19) “All the Midianites ran, crying out as they fled” (7:21) “The Lord caused the men throughout the camp ,to turn on each other with their swords”. Judges.7:22.

With just 300 men, God helped Gideon to destroy the enemy Kings and their 1,40,000 soldiers completely.( Judges.8:10) During Gideon’s lifetime, the land enjoyed peace for forty years.(Judges.8:28).

Are we going after the god’s of the people around us?

Are we forgetting the GOD who brought us from our Egypt to our Canaan?

When God called Gideon, he saw his limitations.-weakest, least. Can we trust and obey an allmighty God who can use us for His glory?

Lord proved that He can use any ordinary person in His ministry. Are we willing to give ourselves into His Hands?

Millions of people are still under the bondage of sin and Satan. Can we give ourselves as a Gideon to reach them with the gospel?