Stewarding leadership ability

Solomon has turned away from God and made concessions to idol worship, and the people had forsaken the Lord and worshipped:
Ashtoreth the goddess of Sidonians.
Chemosh the god of Moabites.
Molech the god of Ammonites.

💫So God raised up the adversaries “Hadad the Edomite (1Kings 11: 14):Rezon (1Kings 11: 23) and Jeroboam son of Nebat (1Kings 11: 26) against Solomon. 📌 Thus, God used Jeroboam to challenge the rule of Rehoboam the son of Solomon.

📝In 1Kings 11:28 it is written that “Jeroboam was a man of standing”.
🔖Solomon saw the Leadership Ability in Jeroboam (“.. Solomon saw how well the young man did his work,”).
🔖So Solomon put Jeroboam in charge of the whole labor force of the house of Joseph.

🔖But Jeroboam was no more God-fearing than Rehoboam:
📝Rehoboam mustered 180,000 fighting men to make war against Jeroboam’s army but the word of the Lord came through Shemaiah the man of God: “Do not go up to fight… Go home.. they obeyed the word of the Lord and went home.. ” (1Kings 12:21-24)

📝 Whereas Jeroboam made two golden calves at Bethel and Dan, and led the Israelites in idol worship (1Kings 12:26-30)

📝God’s word came to Jeroboam through a prophet but Jeroboam did not change his evil ways (1Kings 13:32-34)

🔖Jeroboam was a bad steward of his “natural leadership talent”.
🔖Jeroboam had a promising start but he failed miserably as a king, bringing tragedy on his own family and the nation.

🔖 The phrase “He walked in all the ways of Jeroboam son of Nebat” is mentioned in the history of all the kings of Israel.

💞 Beloved Church, we who are blessed with leadership ability know the tremendous responsibility placed on our shoulders.

🌈 Jesus said, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded” (Luke 12:48)

📌A true leader has to make sure that all Christ said — especially those things that people do not want to hear — is given equal treatment.

📌In your role as a leader, wherever you are placed, judge whether you are living out your calling according to the STEWARDSHSIP PRINCIPLES outlined for leaders in God’s Word.


Glory to God 🙌
✍🏻 Mark Boje
Arunachal Pradesh, India 🇮🇳