The Lord Helped Him

1 Sam 3:19-20
So Samuel grew and the lord was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground ….all.. knew that Samuel had been established as a prophet of the Lord

The Lord’s presence was with Samuel. The Lord’s presence validated His choice of a man for His service Everything Samuel said with divine authorisation came true.

This verse is a great challenge for all of us. It is wonderful to speak God’s word/ or in our private conversation in such a way that not one word we speak goes wasted to the ground but every single word goes straight to people’s heart. The secret of this was _ The Lord was with Samuel Joseph was also very effective because the lord was with him. We must all ask God to help us to give such speech both in our ministry and in our conversation. Israel recognised Samuel as a prophet of God vs 20. $o also people should know that God is with us.

Cynthia Sathiaraj

The Lord Helped Him

Day: 60 1 Samuel: 3 – 8. Saturday: 12.09.2020

The Lord Helped Him
1 Samuel 3.19-4.1
Hannah’s faith in God pard off – Samuel grew up to become a famous prophet of the LORD. Although it may have been difficult for Hannah to give her son up, she demonstrated great trust that God would take care of Samuel.

Perhaps you are a parent who is anxious about your child. It is important to remember that even though a child often ignores a parent’s concerns, we still need to ask God to take care of our children.
When we are unable to get through to our children, God has ways of communicating with them.
God wants to help all of us. We simply need to ask.

Set Your Sights On God
1 Samuel 8.4-22
The people wanted a king because other nations had kings, but this was not pleasing to God. He wanted his people to be different from other nations. He was their King.

But God’s people didn’t want to be different; they wanted to be like everyone else. God told Samuel to inform the people that their king would eventually make slaves of them, but the people refused to listen.

God wants his people today to be different.
He doesn’t want us to live our lives according to the accepted norms, values, and attitudes of society.
He wants us to live according to his Word. Unfortunately, the pressure to conform to society is still with us, but we can overcome this pressure by focusing on God.

✍️🤝Mrs. Kalaiselvi Balakrishnan in Jesus Christ🤝✍️