A Insight From The “Qurantined Room”

📌 Insight Of 28:23

Dear Brothers And Sisters In Christ.

Before share my message, I would like to give a short testimony;

Myself is Sister Rumi Pertin Ratan of Arunachal Pradesh (India). I am regular participant of Bible study program started by our most beloved Bro Rev.C V Abraham like 180 days,240days now 270 days. . since 180 days I served as a admin now from last year 240days I began as a group coordinator of small small groups in Arunachal Pradesh as I created. . I come to this position because of bro C. V Abraham. . for his great encouragement given time.
Thank you Rev. C. V Abraham🙏

This time in 270days Bible study program Iam just participating nominally without hard working just forwarding the daily schedule & insights written by others to my groups without writing a single insight. .

All these👆 because I am facing a lot of troubles within this 4months . .
These are first of all my husband’s illness due to a minor injury but taking time to heal, to look after the kids and enabling them to attend their online classes by giving away my mobile. . and to do all house hold work without a single helper.

As a teacher in government school taking both online & offline classes in every alternate day. . and there are so many problems what I can’t explain here.

Iam busy all these work by keeping aside the 270days Biblebrdg prgm. .

Iam overcomed by all these works as I could not overcome these of my infirmity in spiritual faith. .

Ultimately, I got a new trouble again this time
As myself and my husband have been tested Corona positive+ve on 20th & 21th Oct,2020. I wonder how the Corona choose my being as its hiding place and then to my husband. . there are so many primary contacts of the carrier but its choose me 😃but iam asymptomatic by God’s Grace and we are stable now at
Home Qurantine*
Isolated from all my kids . . . very difficult to feel. . most scared experience😃

So, I realised today while staying as a covid patient’ “We christian sometimes do what we ought not to do but not do what we ought todo”.

👉🏽we forget to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. *
Rather we are seeking to fulfill our needs first and to seek God’s help to solve our problems first.

🎈But God wants us to be seeking first’ His kingdom and Righteousness, then He will provide us what we lack now✒️ Mathew 6:33

👉🏽My point is that,when I read today’s portion that is about,how king Ahaz did not do , what was the right in the sight of God. I relate this with what I almost forgotten to do the will of God by keeping aside the work for God’s glory ,it resembles with what king Ahaz did

✒️1chronicles 28:23. “For he sacrificed to gods of Damascus which had defeated him, saying, ‘because the gods of the kings of Syria help them, I will sacrifice to them that he may help me ” But they were ruin of him and of all Israel.”

When we read the story of king Ahaz; since his beginning as a king of Judah, he never did what God desired him todo. .

*King Ahaz counted as a most wicked king of Judah( southern)

📌Some of his evil deed are mentioned below:
1)He revived the abominable ritual of child Sacrifice in the valley of the son of Hinnom,v3.
2) The worship molech of which this was a part had not been practiced since, the days of Solomon ( 1 king11:7).
3)His allowed to defeat syrians in two occassiond.
4) Encourged the Baal worship.
5)His part inthe murder in the Naboth. 1 kings 21:18✒️

  • He never did what was good for God and his people
  • He never searched for God’s kingdom and Righteousness
  • He didn’t heed God’s commandment. But he honored and praised other gods in expectations of help him to win over his opponents. .

📌 Lastly, He was also murdered and died, how his wicked wife Jezebel allowed the murder ofNaboth the jezreelite in his favour. .

🎈my dear brothers and sisters!
Let us not forget what God desires us to seek and do first His wills and Righteousness. And see He himself will provide us what we lack now.

Give glory to God🙌🏻

Sister Rumi Pertin Ratan
Arunachal Pradesh pasighat