God will surely send those who will assist us

After all that Nehemiah did, in order to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and set up its gates, he was shocked and angry to learn how his own people were taking fields, vineyards, and houses from their own brethren as collateral, for the grain that they gave them in return during the famine”, *Nehemiah 5:1-6.

On carefully studying the matter, he addressed the same publicly vs 7, and commanded each one involved to correct their wrongdoings immediately, which they agreed to do at the earliest, vs 9-12. He placed a curse on all those who didn’t comply, and set a very good example himself as to how one should treat their brethren, as well as make sacrifices, so that the purposes of God be fulfilled without hindrance, vs 13-18! Notwithstanding the false accusations and crooked schemes that poured in from their enemies, Nehemiah was strengthened to escape these traps and successfully got the wall rebuilt in 52 days, to the dismay of their enemies, Nehemiah 6:1-19! Once the doors/gates to the wall were also positioned; gatekeepers, singers and Levites were also appointed with strict rules to be followed as to when the gates were to be opened and closed, Nehemiah 7:1-3.

Genealogical records were retrieved and maintained and when the seventh month arrived, the Israelites were settled in their cities, 5-73.

Subsequently, Ezra the scribe was made to read the book of the law to all the people at the Water gate, and the people were eager to hear the same, Nehemiah 8:1-6.

The Levites also joined in helping him teach the people, and as they gained understanding the people wept over their sins, vs 7-9.

Nehemiah, Ezra and the Levites encouraged them to weep no more but instead to rejoice in the Lord for His joy was their strength, and this is exactly what they did, vs 9-12! They went on to celebrate the festival of shelters, as the law directed, and which had not been done from the days of Joshua the son of Nun, until that day, and everyone experienced very great joy, vs 13-18.

As seen from the above example, there are indeed many enemies who will come against those who are serious about getting the work of the Lord done here on earth, in order to distract them and cause the work to cease! However, we need to be wise and guard ourselves from such distraction by refusing to wrestle against flesh and blood! It is the sacrificial dedication, right focus and determination of men like Ezra and Nehemiah that is needed, even today, for the Lord’s will and work to see the light of day in our generation, just as it is done in heaven!

As we seek to be like them, God will surely send those who will assist us in this work, so that the same can be done in a spirit of sacrifice, coupled with holiness, righteousness, justice and excellence!

So, let us endeavour to build the wall at our end, standing firmly on the grace of God, and refusing to be moved, but rather, choosing to always abound in the work of the Lord, knowing that our labor in the Lord will never be in vain, 1 Corinthians 15:58! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.