Completion of Elijah’s mission

📝 In 1Kings 19: 14-16 the Lord had commissioned Elijah to anoint :
1) Hazael , king over Aram
2) Jehu , king over Israel
3) Elisha as his successor.

📝 The record states that Elijah had anointed Elisha in 1Kings 19:19-21. Elijah threw his cloak around Elisha – a symbol of installing someone into the prophetic office.
Soon the era of Elijah (My God is Yahweh) will become the era of Elisha (God saves)

✌️ But two commissions were left undone. He had neither installed Hazael nor Jehu . It is well understood that Elijah had passed these tasks to Elisha . It also appears that God allows the prophets to judge for themselves the opportune time to carry out their commission.
📌 In God’s mission there ought to be a TEAM WORK.

📝 Elisha waits for many years before he makes the trip to Damascus to anoint Hazael ( 2Kings 8:7-15 )

Anointing of Hazael : This is the first time a pagan king is being anointed at the Lord’s command . But Hazael would become a serious threat to Israel during the reigns of Joram, Jehu and Jehoahaz ( 2 Kings 8:28-29 ; 10:32-33 ; 12: 16-18 ; 13:3,22 ) .
The Lord gave Elisha a clear picture of severity of judgement he was about to send on Israel by the hands of Hazael . To this Elisha wept

Anointing of Jehu ( 9:1-10) : Elisha is too conspicuous a figure to go to the war front where Jehu is . He would be closely watched. So he sends a young prophet , caution him to be as quick as he can , both to go (.. tuck your cloak into your belt..) and to return ( .. run ; don’t delay). The young prophet follows Elisha’s order and could anoint Jehu.
📌 Thus , the commission from the Mount of Horeb was completed.
Act wisely in God’s mission is the need of the hour.

📌 ⚔ The Sword that was threatening Elijah ( 1Kings 19:10-14 ) will be countered by the Sword of Hazael and the Sword of Jehu. Elisha will put to death anyone who escaped the Sword of Jehu ( 1Kings 19:17)

💞 Beloved Church , today we do not need the Sword of Hazael and the Sword of Jehu .
We need the Sword of the Spirit ( Word of God ) to carry out the commission that we have received from our Master from the Mount of Olives ( GO .. PREACH.. MAKE DISCIPLES )

Glory to God 🙏
✍🏽 Mark Boje, ArP 🇮🇳