God blesses and exalts us on account of our repentance

Josiah was one of the best kings of Israel, however it was only in the eighteenth year of his reign when he took up the task of repairing the house of God that the scroll of the law was found, 2 Kings 22:2-10. It is surprising to note that even though Hezekiah got the temple cleansed, the scroll of the law was not found during those days, 2 Chronicles 29, but it was found in the days of king Josiah!

Could it be possible that this was so because the motivation of king Hezekiah differed from that of king Josiah? For when Josiah heard that the Lord would not punish him on account of his repentance and subsequent obedience, but would punish this subsequent generations if the continued in disobedience, Josiah did not feel relieved about this, but instead went all the way out to do what was right in the sight of the Lord more than any other king that came before and even after him*, vs 16-20 and 2 Kings 23:1-25! The only mistake that he made was that he interfered in the war between Egypt and Assyria and that led to his premature death, vs 29,30! Sad to say that his subsequent generations did not follow in his footsteps and bore the wrath of God as a result at the hands of their enemies, first from the king of Egypt and subsequently from the king of Babylon, 31-37, 2 Kings 24.

As a result of the people’s unfaithfulness the temple of God and the city of God was burnt and robbed, and the people suffered greatly, vs 11-20, 2 Kings 25:1-26! Nevertheless, they still did not show any signs of repentance!

It was only the remnant that humbled themselves and submitted under God’s disciplining hand who were ultimately shown God’s favor and restoration, but only after 70 long years!

Let us ensure that we quickly learn from their example and be willing to put away all sin in light of the law of God, as soon as we learn about the same, just like King Josiah did.

Let us also determine to walk in humility when God blesses and exalts us on account of our repentance and subsequent obedience, and take care not to meddle in affairs that don’t concern us, so that we can avoid unnecessarily dying before our time.

Let us also not forget the terrible consequences that disobedience to God’s law can bring upon us and our subsequent generations, and so, endeavour to walk in the fear of the Lord immediately and consistently. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.