David inquired of the Lord

2 Samuel 5 : 18-25 And David inquired of the Lord

When David was appointed king over Israel he was on the throne which God promised him when Samuel appointed him in secret. After 15 years of waiting, he became king over Israel.
But Philistines when they heard about David being king they came after seeking him. When he came to know about it, instead of inquiring anyone about it or getting any opinion of leader of Israel, in 2 samuel 5:19 and 2 samuel 5 : 23 it is written, he inquired of the Lord because he knew only one can delivere him from his enemies no one else could do that. David always sought the Lord for guidance for the path he should take. Of course, this is nothing new for David. This is exactly what we find in 1 Samuel 22 and 23; David in Adullam asking God if he should attack the Philistines. How did David hear from God. Well, in 1 Samuel 23, God speaks through something called the ephod, which was used by the priest Abiathar. In the chapter prior to that, it was the prophet Gad who communicated God’s word to David.

Two times the Philistines came against him. Both times he inquired of the Lord, “Shall I go, wilt thou deliver them into mine hands?”. After he asked, God gave him the answer regarding the victory he has given to him. These led to victory for David and his enemies where scattered. As David mentions in Psalm 68: 1,2 Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before.

In our lives also we have a time when we are given a position and success in life and when we are sometimes confused with what to do, which God promised us he will do it but enemies try to come back to scare us with thoughts and problem or workload which we have not handled before. We ask for guidance from everyone. In the end when nothing works, we seek God’s guidance at last sometimes .
But, let us be like David when the Philistines came after him. Instead of inquiring with everyone, he took guidance from the Lord because he knew where he will get his answer and deliverance from his enemies. Let us get the victory which God has promised us instead of worrying about enemies attacks. In Psalm 32:8, It is written “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.” Let’s take guidance from the Lord on which path to be taken next.

Bieula Selvamani

Act of violence condoned 2 Sam 4:2-8

David executes two Benjamites Baanah and Rekab for their bloody assasination of Saul’s son Ish Bosheth. Though what they did benefited David’s rise, he didnot not reward for this act of violence. David was so angry with them that he commanded that they be killed immediately. This was done because it was an evil act against an innocent man.4:11.

Ishbosheth’s killers had their hands and feet cut off and their bodies were hung by the pool of Hebron. They were shamed by denying proper burial. This is the common punishment for treason in David’s time._ a warning to other would be assassins

David disapproved of the kings murder and thus gained respect of those loyal to the king. David demonstrated deep regard for God’s sovereignty, He knew that God would accomplish His sovereign will.

Cynthia Sathiaraj