I wish I had died in your place

O my son, My son, Absalom, I wish I had died in your place 2 Sam 18 ;33

David is overcome with grief. He has lost another son whom he loved. We see the spirit of Christ in David, for he wished that he had died in the place of his son who had rebelled against him David had new covenant spirit in him, for he did not hate even those who planned to kill him. Absalom was killed and David was brought back to his throne.

God had tested David when he was young man, to see if he could grab the throne from Saul. Now he was an old man God tested him again to see if he would grab the throne from Absalom. In both the cases, David waited for God to give him the throne.. He never grabbed himself. God will test us when we are young and when we are old The first time David had to run for his life for 10 years, but in the second time he had to run for his life for a few days. God determines how long each trial should be. And he will never allow us to be tested beyond our ability.

Cynthia Sathiara