Our Valley Moments in this Lockdown are the Grooming Moments

Our Valley Moments in this Lockdown are the Grooming Moments, the Kidron Valley was crossed by King David and the King of Kings during their Valley Moment…2 Samuel 15:23

⚠️We have completed 70 days journey in reading the Bible together globally and another 200 days to go. The only place that is unshakable when everything around us is shaking, is when we are in the Presence of God reading the Word of God, which gives us hope for the future as we are strengthened daily by His Promises. The God of David, who groomed him from a shepherd to a king through several lockdowns in the caves, social distancing from his family, and Valley moments is the same God who is in us, Christ the Hope of Glory, Colossians 1:27

⚠️Daily, I receive sad and tragic news of corona victims and the uncontrollable sorrows of those succumbed to death. Yet, I rejoice that there is a large number of God’s people in this lockdown, who are being groomed to come into their full potential of everything God has designed them to be. When we are in the Valley moments, remember that Jesus has crossed over the Valley for us, John 18:1

⚠️Two characters go through humiliation, a princess and a king, a daughter and a father, Tamar and David, 2Samuel 13 &15. The Bible brings out real life situations because God wants us to learn from His Word and not to repeat the mistakes. The Bible is full of warnings and consequences of sin. God is talking to the Church and not the World through His Word.

⚠️Tamar in Hebrew means Date the fruit or Date Palm or Just Palm Tree A Person who should be flourishing in the House of the Lord as a Fruitful Palm, Psalm 92:12, Is Cut down in the In the King’s Palace Prematurely never to be Productive again Tamar was Tainted, Tarnished and Torn Apart, 2Samuel 13:1-22 Tamar was the daughter of David and sister of Absalom her full brother and their mother was Maacah. She happened to be beautiful. And this beautiful woman’s character was Tainted and Tarnished by the son of David from another wife Ahinoam, and Tamar’s half brother.

⚠️Coveting produced, deceit, destruction and death. Tamar’s future destroyed, David’s family unity destroyed and there was so much of grieving and mourning. Amnon was spitting venom after his blind love, 2 Samuel 13:15. Arise be gone after being taken advantage of, are the words of the cowards! There is an alarming increase of violence against women in this lockdown globally. They are the Daughters of the Most High God and need to reach their full Potential and Destiny. Let us arise and protect our daughters

⚠️In 1Samuel 15:23, King David, who went through so much humiliation, crossed the Kidron Valley when his son Absalom was in hot pursuit after him. Not only his son but his closet advisor, Ahithophel, betrays him. It is thought that this is where he penned Psalm 3 and Psalm 59, especially verse 3. Later, Ahithophel hung himself, 2 Samuel 17:23. Absalom also accidentally dies hanging from a tree and his death was speeded up from Joab’s javelin 2Samuel 18:9-14. David was betrayed and desserted by his own. He weeps in Jerusalem. This is a Prophetic Picture of what The son of David would in the Future, Luke 19:41

⚠️About A thousand years later, Jesus, the Son of David crossed over the Kidron Valley, John18:1, where once the blood and water flowed from the Temple, as the Sacrificial Lamb, from whose side the Blood of Redemption and The Water of Resurrection Life will flow out, John 19:34. He was also the scape goat, the Lamb of God who took away the sins of the World, John 1:29.

⚠️David who crossed the Kidron Valley knows what it is to cross through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and that he will be comforted by God’s Presence, His staff and His rod in every valley situation, and there will be a banqueting table on the other side, Psalm 23:4-5.

⚠️The Hebrew meaning for Kidron is dusky or gloomy The Kidron Valley is located between Mount Olive, with the Garden of Gethsemane at it’s slope and The Temple Mount, with the Jerusalem Temple on Top of it.

⚠️The Kidron Brook flowed through this valley to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. The Brook Bed in the Valley was also known as Kidron. _The Kidron Valley between the Temple and the Garden had three significance in the Old Testament and One in the New Testament.There were three Temple Cleansing under there Kings and the Valley was the place for burning the idols. I Kings 15:12-13, King Asa burns the idols in the Kidron Valley, 2 Chronicles 29:16, King Hezekiah got rid of the idols in the Kidron Brook, 2 Kings 23:6, King Josiah had the idols reduced to dust in the Kidron Valley.

⚠️Dear Child of God, Remember this, Jesus, the King of Kings, has crossed over the same valley as King David, to cancel every shame and humiliation, which we will face in our valley situations in this lockdown. Sometimes, I feel so humiliated that an invisible virus is taking me through some humiliating situations

⚠️BUT, I rejoice that Jesus HAS Crossed the Kidron for you and me. The blood that flowed through Kidron couldn’t save, but the Blood of Jesus can save the world out of their Valleys of humiliation in this Lockdown and into His Victory…Amen 🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You

The hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he loved her 2 Sam 13:15

Amnon fell in love with his half sister Tamar, and then forcibly molested her. Oonce his lust has been satisfied ,he hated her. Bible says the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he loved her 13:15. The love for Tamar turned to hatred because the love was actually selfish lust. Human love always seeks its own gain. Divine love is distinguished by the fact that it always seeks the good of the other.

Cynthia Sathiaraj