The Lord shall enlighten my darkness

2 Samuel 22:29. You are my lamp, O Lord. The Lord shall enlighten my darkness.

We are all afraid of darkness. We don’t like to stay in darkness. It is dangerous to stay in darkness.We won’t know the pathway in darkness. We may stumble and fall by a small stone. We may fall in the pits or get wounded by thorns or poisonous insects or attack by the thieves. Today we may be suffering in our body, mind or in our family due to the power of darkness. But our Lord Jesus came as the lamp to give true light to every man and to remove the darkness of the world.

In the beginning, when the world was in darkness, He created light before the creation of other things. Yes, light is very very essential in our life. How can we receive this light?

  1. By the word of God. Yes, His word is the lamp to my feet and light to my path. Psalm 119:105.
  2. God is my light. Psalm 27:1. Yes, He is our lamp.

Yes, His light from His face should shine upon us. He only can change our darkness. Let us pray for this light to shine upon us and make our heart, body, and family. May our good Lord will make us the children of light and remove the darkness from us. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.