The rise of David

📕 2Samuel Chapter 5 :1-5
The rise of David
( From Shepherding Sheep to Shepherding a Nation)

The time has finally come for David, in accordance with God’s plan and promise, to become the King of Israel.

📝 David, the thrice – anointed one for the kingship , has reached his rightful place at the right time 🕰️
🔖 The first anointing was done by Samuel in Bethlehem ( 1Sam 16:13 )
🔖 The second was done by his own tribe Judah ( 2Sam 2:4 )
🔖 The third anointing was done by the Elders of Israel ( 2Sam 5:3 )

📝 When the civil war ( 2Sam 2 – 3 ) in between the house of Saul ( Israel ) and David ( Judah ) was over , the other tribes came to meet David at Hebron and make a covenant with David to become their king ( v 1-2 ) . They have mainly three reasons :

📌 They have neither king nor commander ( Abner is dead ) and the Philistines are a real danger.

📌 They cited David’s military success (“you were the one who led Israel..” v 2a)

📌 They cited God’s design and David’s divine appointment ( “you will shepherd My people”.. v 2b )

📝 Seven years have passed since David had been anointed king over his own tribe of Judah ( 2:4 ) . Now the words of the Israelites INVITING David to be the Shepherd of Israel ( 5: 2-3 ) must have reminded David of his rise from Shepherding Sheep to Shepherding a nation. Let us INVITE the GREAT SHEPHERD to rule over us, our Family, Church and the Nation.

💫 Jesus said, “I am the Good Shepherd ; I know my sheep and my sheep know me.. ” ( John 10:14 )

💞 Beloved Church, David waited for God to orchestrate events and make him king. Though others tried to force events, David waited for God . It is a good example to those of us who are called to LEADERSHIP ( James 4:10 )
📌 Those who wait patiently for the Lord will :
✳️ Renew their strength and soar like eagles.
✳️ Be lifted up out of the slimy pit / miry clay.
✳️ Be able to set his feet on the rock
✳️ Be given a new song of praise to the Lord
✳️ Be a living testimony by which others will put their trust in the Lord ( Isaiah 40:31; Psalm 40:1-3 )

Glory to God 🙌
✍🏻 Mark Boje
Arunachal Pradesh, India 🇮🇳