Cornelius, the outstanding man (Acts Chapter 10)

Cornelius – a devout and God fearing man, who needed to hear the way of salvation from a human messenger. It was God’s time. Simon Peter was staying with Simon the tanner in Joppa, and God had arranged their Meeting through visions.

Cornelius was commended thrice:

1️⃣ Dr Luke (v 2)
✅ He and all his family were devout and God – fearing.
✅ Generous in giving.
✅ A prayerful man.

2️⃣ Cornelius’ Representatives v22: the three men said that Cornelius was:
✅ Righteous man
✅ God-fearing man
✅ Respected by the Jewish people.

3️⃣ By the Angel (v 4b):
✅ His prayers are heard from above.
✅ His gifts to the poor are accepted.
📌 Cornelius’ giving to the needy / poor was considered as MEMORIAL OFFERING before God 🙌🏽
🌾 A portion of the grain offering burned on the altar was called ” MEMORIAL” (Levi 2:2)

How about our giving
Is it temporal, superficial or memorial❓

👤 Cornelius had set apart a time for prayer: “.. at three in the afternoon v 3
📌 It shows that Cornelius had followed JEWISH RELIGIOUS PRACTICE (3 in the afternoon was a Jewish hour of prayer. Acts 3:1). It is the hour of the evening incense.

Meeting of Peter and Cornelius:
📌 The visions of Cornelius and Peter (v 3, 9-16) and the role of the angel (v 5-6) was to bring Cornelius and Peter together.
📌 Cornelius’ men had arrived in Joppa, and Peter had invited them to stay with him (A guest inviting the guests 😊).
📌 By providing lodging for the three men, Peter had already taken the first step toward accepting Gentiles.

Peter at Cornelius home (v 24-27, 33):
✅ Cornelius called his relatives and close friends.
✅ Cornelius house was packed.
✅ They were glad when they saw Peter.


✅ They realized that they were IN GOD’S PRESENCE (v 33)
✅ They had come with A DESIRE TO LEARN (v 33)
✅ They had gathered to DISCOVER GOD’S WILL (v 33)

📌 A DESIRE to LEARN; to DISCOVER GOD’S WILL and to COME IN GOD’S PRESENCE should be our motives when we come to Church / Fellowship.

Is our gathering in this pattern?

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Believers in Christ, let us ponder upon the outcome of Peter – Cornelius’ Meeting:
📌 Peter’s sermon begins with John’s baptism and continued to the resurrection of Jesus (similar to the outline of Mark’s Gospel)
📌 Cornelius and his household HEARD and BELIEVED the Gospel.
📌 They received the HOLY SPIRIT and spoke in tongues.
📌 They were BAPTIZED in the name of Jesus Christ.
📌 Cutting Edge: “.. everyone who believes in Jesus Christ receives the forgiveness of sins through His name ” v 43

📌 The God of the Bible does not show favoritism but accepts people from every nation, who fear Him and believe in Him.

Glory to God 🙌🏽
✍🏾 Mark Boje, ArP 🇮🇳