Unusual kindness of people of Malta

Acts 28: 1-10.

  1. It was the breaking of the day, 276 people were in the ship, there was a tempestuous wind called Euroclydon, and was raining, they were with out food for fourteen days and took food only that day, but the stern of the ship broke, and they all swam and reached the island Malta.

When they reached this island, it was raining, there was wind, and they didn’t have even spare dress to change. What a pitiable situation! But the people of Malta showed unusual kindness. They gave place to stay, gave them clothes, and food for 3 months. They kindled fire and welcomed them because it was cold and was raining. What a great love they showed on these strangers!

When the son of Man comes in His glory, and sit on His throne, He will call them, “Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom”. I was hungry, you gave Me food, l was thirsty, you gave Me drink, l was stranger, you took Me in, l was naked, you clothed Me”
Mathew 25:31-36

  1. When they kindled the fire, Paul laid some bundle of sticks on the fire and a viper came and fastened his hand. But Paul shook off the viper in to the fire (not on the land, if so it would have biten many) and suffered no harm. Yes, even when we want to pray in the Holy Spirit or want to grow in the word of God or when we want to live for the Lord, the devil will fasten us with various problems and bondages. We should also shook off our problems in the presence of Lord or pour our heart in to the presence of God but ñot to the people.( land)
  2. When those natives saw the viper, hanging from the hand of Paul, they thought, definitely this man was a murderer. Though he escaped from the shipwreck, the viper never left him. But, when Paul was unharmed, they thought, he is God. Yes, when we go through problems, people will say, that it is because of our sin and blame us. But we should realize that our Lord, will even turn the evil situations in to good onès.The shipwreck and viper all were for the glory of God.Because of that the father of a leading citizen and all sick people were healed in the name of Jesus and they all came to know about Jesus. God’s name was glorified in Malta. Same way our sufferings are for good fo our spiritual growth and for the glory of God.

Yes, let us learn to swim over our problems to reach the shore, and shook of the devil, which is the viper who brings bondages in our life, and glorify God. Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.