Moses introduces the Lord as the ROCK

📖 Deuteronomy 32

Moses , the man who struck the rock twice at Kadesh (Num 20:7-11) and was disqualified to get an entry ticket to the Promised Land (Num 20:12) , spoke , ” Listen, O heavens, and I will speak ; Hear , O earth , the words of my mouth … I WILL PROCLAIM THE NAME OF THE LORD.” (32:1-3 ).

🌈 The heavens and the earth was called to hear the message , because Moses was about to proclaim the truth by introducing the LORD AS ROCK. The word Rock is repeated a number of times in today’s passage. This song is described as teaching , and if received it would be like rain , dew , raindrops and shower to the earth.

🎯 A Simple Lesson for the preacher ( v 2 – 4 ) :
💫 May our preaching bring forth blessings – rain, dew and showers upon the congregation ( v 2 )
💫 May we be faithful to introduce the Sovereignty of our Lord God ( “.. greatness of our God ” v 3 )
💫 May we be fearless to share the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ ( “.. his works are perfect ” v 4 )


1) The ROCK that never Changes ( v 4 )
It represents the stability and permanence of God. What He does is perfect and his ways are just. He is faithful and is same yesterday , today and forever.

2) The ROCK that Gives Shelter ( v 11 )
The eagles built their nest on the rock , and as the eagle cares for its young , teaching her young to fly and protects them when they fall , the Lord did and would do the same to those who takes refuge in him.

3) The ROCK who Nourishes ( v 13-14).
Honeycomb and the oil from the flinty rock are the most valuable products coming out of the most unproductive places (human point of understanding) .

4) The ROCK who Provides abundantly (v 15)
The Lord had blessed Jeshurun – the upright one (Israel). They grew fat and proud , and have REJECTED THE ROCK their Saviour

5) The ROCK who Cares (v 18)
The Lord was like a mother who gave birth to them and fathered them . Yet they have DESERTED THE ROCK

6) The ROCK who is Powerful ( v 30-31)
Moses gave a contrast between the gods of the nations ( rock ) and Israel’s God ( Rock ).

7) The ROCK who Vindicates ( v 36-39)
After judging the people the Lord will have compassion for their helplessness and he will vindicate them. He will remind them that He alone is God , and there is no other.

📌 Moses , in his song , clearly mentioned that
the ROCK was REJECTED ( v 15b )
the ROCK was also DESERTED ( v 18 ) .

✝️ Yes , Jesus Christ-the ROCK was REJECTED by the Jews and was DESERTED by his own disciples , had become THE CHIEF CORNERSTONE , and he had built his CHURCH ON THE ROCK( based on the confession of faith in Jesus as the Messiah ) and assured that the gates of Hades will not overcome it .

Glory to God 🙌
✍🏾 Mark Boje
Arunachal Pradesh, India 🇮🇳