Do’s and Don’t in 270 Days Groups

Please don’t encourage members to ask their doubts in the group. It is easy to ask questions but finding answers need more study. There are some who keep on asking questions and disturb or distract the group. Since all are students, each person should try to find an answer to their questions.

Please allow everyone to share their insights. It need not be theologically or grammaticaly correct. That is, that person’s insight. Let them express or share it. God will slowly help them to study more and they could develop better understanding as they study more. The day a child start schooling, he or she won’t be able to write or read properly. A child learn slowly. In the same way, we should not expect the correct theology from a person who start reading Bible and share what he or she understood.

If all the members in a group circulate the self joining link to all their dear ones and invite them to join, a group could be full in a short time.

Please ask for volunteers in all the groups, to serve as admins in new WhatsApp groups. We can keep on starting new groups and add more people.

A person who is joining later can start reading the portion for the day. We should not ask them to start from the beginning. They should be reading the portion which others are reading to understand the insights. As time permits, they could read the earlier portions also or they can read it in the next programme.

Please post the purpose and guidelines in all the groups. It is good to post the introduction about our programme also in the group. Later it could be given personally to all the newly joined members. Similarly post the monthly reading schedule. The portion for the next day should be posted regularly in the evening or night as a reminder to everyone.

Please post the prayer reminder in all the groups daily.Let us continue to pray.