When we find no joy in Life

Meaningless! Meaningless!
Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless. (Eccl 1:1)

What are Such Words Doing in the Bible?

🔅There may be people wondering what such thoughts are doing in the Word of God. But there are others for whom it’s a solace to find words which echo their own thoughts/ reflects their own experiences. God understands even such folk!

🔅Ecclesiastes records Solomon’s reflections during a period of his life when he was out of fellowship with God. And it will certainly touch a Chord with many. For there are many in our world, going through the same experiences. People seeking wealth, fame, reputation in society etc but without God. From time to time we hear of burnt out cases, who in spite of their acquisition of wealth and fame have no satisfaction in life. Those who keep God away or forsake him, will find that contentment, joy are elusive. Everything seems so worthless.

_🔅The various areas of life Solomon experiments living in:

🅾️Wisdom ( ch1)
🅾️Pleasure (Ch. 2
🅾️GARDENING (2:5-6),

🔅They are all familiar fields that most of us can identify with. No matter what field man indulges in, seeking contentment, it turns out meaningless without God.

🔅So, the message we get is that apart from God, life is meaningless.

This anonymous quote sums it all up very well.

Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil; there’s no point

💜Let us make sure we have God with us in our every venture.