🕺Go, tell your story🗣

Ezekiel 20:47-48

📖 Tell the forest of the south, “Listen to the Message of God! God, the Master, says, I’ll set a fire in you that will burn up every tree, dead trees and live trees alike. Nobody will put out the fire. The whole country from south to north will be blackened by it. Everyone will see that I, God, started the fire and that it’s not going to be put out.”

🔥When we ignite others’ faith in Jesus by telling them about Him, our faith will grow deeper!

🔥Your message that you share with other people is unique because you are unique.


  1. Confirm your story – 1 John 5:13
    John, is in essence, saying that our story must confirm that we know Jesus and that through this knowledge we have eternal life.
  2. Complete Your story -1 Pet 3:15
    We should be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why we’re living the way we are, and always with the utmost courtesy.
  3. Commit your story to God – Acts 20:24
    📍But we shouldn’t place any value on our own life.
    📍We should finish the race we’re running.
    📍We should carry out the mission we have received from the Lord Jesus-the mission of testifying to the Good News of God’s kindness.

💥We should live our stories and not just become convenient Christians.
💥*People who are living convenient lives are not the type of people God wants. *
💥He wants us to live by faith and allow His Holy Spirit to ignite a fire within us because our story can impact and change the world.

Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to reignite the passion in our lives of telling others about Jesus‼️

Princess Hudson