Our prayers over our infected city

In this lockdown situation let us scatter the coals of fire of our prayers over our infected city… Ezekiel 10:2 & 7.

☁ How grateful should we be to be the glory carriers as we are the temple of God! We are the ones that carry the presence of God on earth, and especially in this lockdown situation, when the world is looking for answers. The glory of God can be transported on the portable “throne-on -wheels” in the midst of our pandemic situation as we spend time in the presence of God worshipping Him.

☁ The Shekinah Glory of God is the Manifest Presence of the Lord. The Presence of God was getting ready to move out of the Temple, as foretold in Deuteronomy 31:15-18. The glory cloud that was with them in the wilderness and left in the days of Eli, 1 Samuel 4:21, once again filled Solomon’s Temple, 1 Kings 8:11, is getting ready to move out of the Temple, Ezekiel 1:18. The glory of God moves with the throne which has wheels. The throne of God with the glory of God is portable, and therefore, His throne can come down and His glory can fill the atmosphere we are worshipping in.

☁ In the vision Ezekiel saw, understand that the firmament of heaven was God’s sapphire throne, which was sitting on the heads of the four cherubim. Under the four cherubim, in-between them were four chrysolite wheels, and in-between the wheels, known as “whirling wheels,” were the coals of fire, which was to be scattered over the city, Ezekiel 10:1-13. The cherubim have great wisdom and power and God sits over their head to show His dominion over them.

☁ This passage Ezekiel 10:1-19, always brings tears to me. How much God longed to be in the midst of His people with His Presence, but they rather bow to the worthless idols than to have the Presence, the Protection or the Power of the Glory of God. Our God is such a Merciful God. His Glory didn’t depart instantly, but rather reluctantly. Follow the steps described of how reluctant God was to leave His House, His Dwelling Place.

☁ Firstly, He leaves the sanctuary, Ezekiel 9:3. Secondly, He elevates His throne above the threshold of the house, Ezekiel 10:1. Thirdly, leaving the cherubim, He sat on the throne, Ezekiel 10:4. Fourthly, He and the cherubim left after standing for a time at the door of the East Gate, which was the exit to the lower court of the people. Fifthly, leaves the house altogether, Ezekiel 10:18-19, not to return, till Ezekiel 43:2.

☁ For the New Testament Believers, we should rejoice that Jesus Christ, the Hope of Glory, is in those who have truly accepted Him as their Personal Saviour and follow Him faithfully, forsaking the sinful ways, Colossians 1:27. He will not depart from His faithful ministers, and He will be with them to the end of the world, Matthew 28:20.

☁ God’s warning at the dedication of the first Temple in 2 Chronicles 7:19-22, that God will forsake them if they turn to idol worship, was being carried out in Ezekiel’s time. What a contrast to the completion of the tabernacle, and the completion and dedication of Solomon’s Temple, for, in both instances, the glory of the LORD filled the structures and was confirmation that all the work for setting up God’s dwelling place had been properly done.

☁ The departure of God’s glory in Ezekiel 10:18 was a testimony of all the evil that had been done in His Temple, forcing Him to leave His dwelling place and His beloved city. Let us bring glory to God’s name by seeking His presence more in the midst of the global pandemic and scatter the coals of fire to shatter the enemy’s strategy… Amen. 🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer 🦌 Breaking the Chain with You… ⛓️

Ezekiel 8

Here we see the Lord supernaturally translocating Ezekiel from where he is sitting before the elders in Babylon, by picking him up by the lock of hair on his head and setting him down in Jerusalem, by means of divine visions, to the door of the inner gate which faces north where the statue which provokes to jealousy was located, vs 1-3. Once again he beholds God’s glory just like he had done before, vs 4.

As he follows the instructions given by the voice he is hearing, he actually sees the great abominations that different groups in Israel were practising, and as a result of which God Himself was being driven away from His very own sanctuary, vs 5-10,13-16! Even the elders of Israel were involved in practising these idolatrous abominations, because they perceived that the Lord did not see and that the Lord had abandoned the land, vs 11-12!

So, instead of acknowledging their sins and turning away from the same, after already witnessing some of the people being carried away into exile, they used God’s disciplining hand upon them as an excuse to go further ahead into their idolatrous ways, and imagined that since God had abandoned their land, he would not be watching them anyway! As a result, violence in the land increased and they only ended up provoking God to anger even more than they did before, vs 17! God was now determined to act against them in fury, refusing to pity or spare them, and even though they shouted into His ears, He would refuse to listen, vs 18!

Disobedience to God’s Word is akin to idolatry. It spreads around violence, whenever and wherever it is practiced and invites God’s wrath upon those doing so. It also shuts God’s ears from hearing their prayers and it drives away His presence from their midst! Therefore, the Bible clearly exhorts us to flee from idolatry, 1 Corinthians 10:14, 1 John 5:21. Incase, we are experiencing a lack of God’s presence in our lives or homes or Churches, prayers unanswered, spirit of violence prevalent and the anger of God upon us, let us determine to seek God for light on areas in which some form of disobedience is being practised in our midst.

For as we determine to know and radically repent of the same, God will surely pardon us and visit us with forgiveness, favour, blessing and restoration, for such is the remnant whom He eagerly seeks. Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.