God is Good and His Love Endures Forever

Let our Rejoicing Over take our Weeping because God is Good and His Love Endures Forever Over Our Situation… Ezra 3:10-13

🎼In this Lockdown are we experiencing some kind of disappointment, that, after the lockdown and the pandemic, things are not going to be as good as they once were? It is only natural to feel that way especially when we do not know how it is going to turn out post lockdown. We are basing our future on what the past experience of previous post pandemics were like and the trajectory as researched by scientists and sociologist based on the current pandemic. We can set up for a disappointed life if we are not basing our future on what God’s Word is saying about the current situation. Any situation we are facing should be based from God’s perspective. So we don’t have to set up for a disappointment but have a daily appointment with God

🎼Our passage today captures a very unique snapshot of the time in the life of God’s people, post exile and it resonates with this same sense of disappointment we may have post lockdown, with the feeling that things were better back in the day before the lockdown
and they will never be quite as good or the same post lockdown.

🎼In Ezra 3:10, we can see the expression of grief in the midst of rejoicing. It is good to express grief instead of running away from it. But, prolonged grief can blind us to what God is doing in the now. It will blind us to the new work God is doing for a new beginning. Grief in this pandemic is something we can all relate to. In the midst of our rejoicing in the Lord, let us help those who are grieving so that, they don’t miss out the best God has for them, so that they too can repair the broken altars and lay a good foundation for their new beginning, Ezra 3:3-10.

🎼Child of God, Remember this, let us not become so spiritual that we become blind and insensitive to those who are grieving. Come alongside and support them, so that they can get out of the pit of grieving and move towards rejoicing because the glory of the Lord will be greater than before in their lives, Haggai 2:9, because He is Good and His Love will endure forever over their grief, Ezra 3:11.

🎼The young generation shouted and the old generation wept. It is good to remember the past and shout for what God is doing in our midst. We can live a life of looking back and longing or seize the opportunity to let God’s glory and power to flow through us now, and look ahead with a life of greater glory. So let’s seize the wonderful opportunities God is giving us in this lockdown by aligning with His Word, Plans and Purpose…Amen🙏

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