A New Chapter

Jacob left his home and after a long journey he arrived at Laban’s home. Laban said Jacob you are my own flesh and blood. He was very happy to have him in his house.

Laban had two daughters, Leah and Rachel. Rachel was lovely in form and beautiful. Jacob loved her and said he would work seven years in return for the younger daughter, Rachel.

🆕 Jacob…Deceived 🆕

After 7 years Laban held a feast for the wedding. When the evening came he took his elder daughter Leah and gave her to Jacob. Perhaps the veil over her face and the darkness concealed her identity.

Only in the morning he knew that Leah had been given to him. His words to Laban were, Why have you deceived me? Perhaps he would have been reminded of the day he deceived his elder brother over his father’s blessings. After the bridal week of 7 days, Laban gave Rachel to Jacob as his second wife and Jacob loved Rachel. God blessed Jacob with twelve sons.

🆙 Tricks Continue 🆙

Jacob told Laban that he wanted to do something for his own house hold. He said Laban need not give him anything. He said he will go through the flocks and take the speckled, spotted dark coloured lambs and goats. The spotless animals were Laban’s.

🔢 Flocks Increase 🔢

As Jacob had got the best from Esau, he tries to get the best from Laban. For the increase Jacob made white stripes in branches by peeling the bark and placed them all in water troughs.

The flocks that mated before these branches bore young that were streaked and spotted. He did this for the stronger animals. In this way his flocks increased tremendously and he grew extremely prosperous.

🆓 Jacob Flees 🆓

The Lord spoke to Jacob to go back to his native land. When Laban had gone to shear his sheep Rachel stole her father’s household gods. Jacob deceived Laban by not telling him he was running away. He fled with his household and the animals he had gained.

▶️ Laban Pursues ▶️

Laban heard that Jacob had left so he pursued him with his relatives. But the Lord warned him that he should not speak anything good or bad to Jacob. After 7 days he met Jacob and asked him why he stole his gods. Rachel put the gods in the camels saddle and on it saying she was not well and so Laban could not find his gods. Jacob proved that he had worked for 20 years and gained his wealth. They both made a treaty that they would not harm each other and Jacob had to be faithful to his two wives.Then Laban returned home.

Mrs Caroline Chellappa 📝