FIVE “S” POINTS In Eliezer’s Prayer

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Day 5, 270 Days Bible Reading, Sunday, 19.7.20.

Let’s be the Stewards of Prayer in this Covid Lockdown by learning from the Stewardship Prayer Of Eliezer, The Steward Of Abraham’s Household…Genesis 24:12-16.

👰 Abraham Trusted Eliezer Of Damascus So Much So That He Was Going To Leave His Inheritance To Him. Since Abraham Had No Heir, and Eliezer Was The Heir Apparent, Genesis 15:2-3, As Per The Custom.

👰 Abraham Had To Give His Inheritance To The Senior Most Household Administrator Because He Was Childless And Then Isaac Came Along As Promised By God.

👰 What Stands Out In Eliezer Is His Impeccable Character and Loyalty To Abraham. Surely He Would Have Known That According To The Local Custom Abraham Was Going To Leave Behind His Inheritance Wealth And Riches To Him. They Both Would Have Discussed About It Many Times Over The Years And Yet Eliezer, Was Not Jealous Or Angry With The Arrival Of THE TRUE HEIR, ISAAC, And Remained In Abraham’s Household Carrying Out His Duties.

👰 He Was Even Willing To Look For A Bride For Isaac, Knowing That The Inheritance He Was Once Suppose To Get, Will Be Passed On To Isaac And His Descendants.


👰 There are no perfect prayer formula, but there will always be a better way to pray, when we think our prayers are going nowhere. In this Covid 19 situation, there many different ways in which people are praying. Sometimes people in prayer groups are divided over the way we pray. Some say we got to pray with authority and speak to virus, others say we got to learn to deal with the new norm and get over it. Whatever it is, this ugly virus has done enough damage and we can’t sit around and be passive. We should seek God and His Word and align with His perfect will, and pray for His Kingdom to come and His Will to be done.

There Are FIVE “S” POINTS In Eliezer’s Prayer, which I want to highlight

👰 1. SIMPLE _This Prayer Was So Simple, With Child Like Faith And Approach, To The Point, Clear Cut. Focused Only On The Assignment. No Selfish Motives. No Hidden Agenda. If We Heard It, We Would All Have Said, “Amen”, Because of The Plain Simplicity of The Prayer. In Our Prayer, We Don’t Have To Have Elizabethan English. Pigeon English And Broken English, Or Any Language, Will Get The Job Done.

Because, Every Imperfect Prayer Is Perfected In Christ Jesus Our High Priest, Before It Goes To Our Father God. God Sees Our Heart And He Knows What We Mean.

👰 2. SHORT A 93 Words, One Minute, Power Packed Prayer. There Has Been A Deception That The Longer We Pray The More Spiritually We Are. When We Go Through The Prayers Of Jesus, The Longest Prayer He Said Was When He Was Alone. Medium Prayer, When He Was With His Disciples. And The Shortest Prayer Was Said When He Was In The Public, With The Crowd.

But, We generally, see the Opposite. Some Tend To Monopolies The Prayer Time In Public Meetings. Some Children Fall Asleep When Some of Their Mamas Pray. There Is A Place For Lengthy Prayers. Whether Long Or Short. It Is The Depth of The Prayer, the Desire of the Heart, the Passion and the Years that Matters.

Word Based And Faith Filled Prayer Gets To The Throne Room. Eliezer Would Have Been Praying All The Way In His Journey and He Would Have Been Soaked In Prayer. But When He Came To The Well He Made It Short and Sweet, Or Else He Would Have Missed Rebecca With His Closed Eyes!.

👰 3. SUBJECT It Is Better To Have Some Subjects, Headings, Especially In Small Groups, To Keep Some Kind of Order In Prayer. When Praying Stick To The Topic. Elizer’s Subject Was “Choosing The Right Girl”. And He Prayed For That Purpose Only

👰 4. SPECIFIC He Didn’t Pray, “Lord Help Me Find The Right Girl”. He Prayed For The Kind Of Girl He Wanted. And What She Should Do At The Well. And What She Should Say In Reply To His Request.

👰 5. SILENCE After Praying, Eliezer Silently Watched Rebecca. We Should Not Leave Our Place Of Prayer Without Listening for The Answer. Learn To Hear From Him. Don’t Rush In And Rush Out Of Prayer. Wait On Him. Learn To Recognise The Answer Because, It Can Come In The Way We Are Not Expecting.

👰 Child of God, Remember this, Expect God To Reward When We Pray In Faith, Hebrews 11:6. Eliezer Was From Damascus, A Syrian. God Heard The Prayer Of A Syrian. My Prayer is That The Present Covid Crisis Situation Will Open The Doors To The Blessings Of Abraham In Christ Jesus To Be Upon Them All the People, who are sick and needy through us, the Redeemed of the Lord.

👰 Eliezer Helped Abraham To Find The Bride For His Son Isaac Through A Prayer Of Sincerity, Simplicity, Spirit Lead, Specific To The Subject, Within A Short Time Frame, Silently Watched His Prayer At Work, In The Space Between Him and The Well. ALL WAS WELL AT THE WELL, 2KINGS 4:23 & 26

In this Corona Time and Space, we took can pray a simple,effective,Holy Spirit, Word based prayer to bring this Covid 19 to it’s knees…Amen 🙏

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