Prayer answering God

Psalm 20. A Psalm of King David

LORD answer us when we are in distress. Psa.20:1
LORD answer us and protect us(from enemies) 20:1
LORD answer us and will send us help from his sanctuary. Psa.20:2
LORD answer us and give us support. Psa.20:2.
LORD will remember our prayerful life and sacrifices. 20:3
LORD will answer us and will give the desire of our heart. Psa 20:4

LORD will answer us and make all our plans succeed.Psa 20:4
LORD will answer us and will give us victory. Psa.20:5
LORD will answer us and lift up our banners. Psa.20:5
LORD will answer us and will grant all our requests. Psa.20:5

The LORD saves. Psa.20:6
The LORD answer from his holy heaven. Psa.20:6
The LORD will answer with his saving power. Psa 20:7

GODLY dependence compared to earthly dependence

We trust in the name of the LORD our GOD. Psa.20:7
So we rise up and stand firm. Psa.20:8
They trust in chariots and horses. Psa.20:7
So, they are brought to their knees and fall. Psa.20:8
Where is our dependence?
How is our life before the LORD?

Are we praying sincerely and getting answers to our prayers like King David had?

Are we getting the desires of our heart?Are our plans succeeding? If not why?

Are we trusting in our abilities, education, job, money, people… or in GOD?

May God help us to lead a victorious Christian life.