Mrs Lot who became a Pillar of Salt

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Take a Break with Jesus in the Lockdown 🍞☕
Day 4 270 Days Bible Reading, Saturday, 18.7.20.

In this Lockdown let us become a Pillar of Strength for others and leave a legacy of faith and learn from Mrs Lot who became a Pillar of Salt and left a legacy for sight seeing…Genesis 19:26

🗿Among all the woman in the Bible, Jesus chose to warn us through an unnamed woman about the dangers of looking back to a life that we are called to leave behind, in Luke 17:32. There is no warning in all the Bible more sobering than this one.

🗿During the tour of Israel our bus stopped at the site of the salt pillar that is shaped like a woman, which was suppose to be Lot’s wife. The sulphur salts glow in the dark. It is a pillar that nobody can miss either day or night. But even after seeing this historic biblical site, we come away as a tourist without any conviction. No sight seeing pillars can change a person. Only the obedience to God’s Word can change a person. Jesus said remember Lot’s wife, which means we don’t have to visit Lot’s wife’s memorial, but we must put to remembrance the Words of Jesus.

🗿Her husband was a righteous man and she had all the privilege of being married to a righteous person. With privilege comes responsibility. Though Lot had so many faults, and made unwise choices, like choosing to stay near Sodom and Gomorrah,Genesis 13:10-13, though he remained righteous, 2 Peter 2:7. One can be married to a saint and still remain as the devil’s daughter.

🗿Grace cannot be accessed through marriage. Lot’s wife was there with Abraham and Sarah, she saw everything and could have learnt from them on how to live by faith. She was among people who chose to follow God. She literally held the hand of God’s own angels and in spite of all of these great privileges she died without grace, without hope, without God, and as an unbeliever, and choose to live by sight, Genesis 19:16-24.

🗿She was so close to salvation and still not saved. She was next to God’s angels and did not have God in her heart. We can go to the best church and have the best preacher and still be lost. We can be reading the Bible all our life and still be unsaved.

🗿 We can be in the pews and doing our best deeds all our lives and doing things religiously. But, if we don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus our Lord and Saviour, what good is it?
🗿Child of God, Remember this: There is a reason why Jesus said, “Remember Lot’s wife”. She had such Divine Opportunities to be saved by Faith but instead she perished in spite of living among God’s people. God’s wonderful record breaking history was being played all around her but it didn’t touch her!

🗿We have to wise up and come humbly to the saving grace of Jesus who loves you so much and paid a heavy price to save us. Let our lives be built on the Pillars of Wisdom, Proverbs 9:1, so that we don’t look back to be the pillars of tasteless salt, but instead be the salt of the earth, Matthew 5:13. We can be looking at the things of the world and become one with it, without seeing the things of God and His Kingdom…Amen🙏.

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