Not me, Only God

Pharoah ‘s words revealed that Joseph was his only hope v15. Joseph wanted his freedom as much as Pharoah wanted his dreams interpreted.40:14. But Joseph disclaimed ant personal ability to interpret Pharoah’s dreams.41:16. He boldly insisted on giving all the glory to God., It is not me, God shall give. The Pharoah accepted the correction and later gave due credit to God 41:39

Let us remember we possess nothing which the lord has not given us 1 Cor 4:4, we have done nothing for which he has not enabled us john 15;5 and we are nothing which His graces has not made us 1 cor 15;10

Joseph had been put in prison because he had refused to sin against God.Gen 39:9, 20, He was not willing to secure this release from prison by sinning against God, in robbing Him of His glory,

His testimony ‘was ‘God will give’,The name of God was often in his lips.39:9, 40:8, 41:16, 42:18. Joseph was God conscious. He had not experienced personal manifestation of God which his forefathers had received. But he was aware of God at all times. Joseph never uttered any words of compliant,or suffered from depression, or shed tears during his many years of affliction. Happy is the man who is habitually conscious of God in his life.

Cynthia Sathiaraj