What about you?

Praise the Lord brothers and sisters, glorify his holy name:
Nehemiah noticed the following:

  1. Noticed the priest Eliashibhad had done by building a room for him in God’s temple.
  2. Noticed that people were working on the Sabbath when they should have rested.
  3. Noticed that people were marrying outsiders or foreigners.

Nehemiah did the above because:
A) NOT AFRAID:: So One important point we need to note is that Nehemiah was not afraid of the people or anyone coz he had faith in God and wanted to do all that was pleasing for God.

What about you?? Do you feel afraid to tell people when they r wrong .. Yes- we all do get a bit afraid and so before we say we need to think well pray and then surely tell them atleast once.

B) CORRECTED THE PEOPLE: He went straight forward and corrected the people and even the priest too and told them when they were wrong.
Do we correct our superior or seniors or elders if they are wrong??
Well we need to tell them even if they are in an authoritative position but in a polite, respectful and decent manner.

C) PREFERRED TO PLEASE GOD THAN PLEASE PEOPLE: He did all that was right and he preferred to please God than people by not accepting their ways but reprimanded the people when they were wrong❌

What about you do you tend to please people over God??
Sometimes we do and we need to ask God pardon and ask his forgiveness. Also we need to keep reminding ourselves that God needs to be first and then rest will follow so same way give importance to God’s works first and then rest will follow.

D) KNEW WHAT WAS RIGHT AND LAWFUL: He preserved the law of the Lord in his heart 💖 and so knew what was lawful and what was not. He made the people stop working on the Sabbath and condemned mixed marriage.

What about you?? First you need to set some time for the Lord no matter how busy you are and then you need to ponder on his word, also we need to pray and ask the Lord to send us his holy Spirit to guide us all throughout the day.

Jennie Ddouza India 🇮🇳