True reconciliation requires a humble attitude

Genesis: 33:4 “But Esau ran to meet Jacob and embraced him; he threw his arms around his neck and kissed him. And they wept.”

Twenty years had passed since Jacob and Esau had seen each other.

Back then, Esau had threatened to kill his brother, and Jacob had fled for his life.

We can understand that the idea of meeting again made Jacob nervous, especially since Esau came with 400 men.

Here we see that Jacob’s struggles with Laban made him more humble and very submissive.

He now acknowledges that all that he has comes only from God, by grace, and he recognizes that he needs grace from Esau also.

Seven times he bowed to his brother, and he even addressed him as “my lord.”

True reconciliation requires a humble attitude on the part of everyone in a broken relationship.

Are there any strained relationships in our life that God is calling us to look to restore?

Is there a broken relationship in our life?

The major root of all conflict between brothers and sisters is pride.

We need to live at peace with all men.

This includes efforts to resolve conflicts peaceably, and to otherwise govern all of our relationships with wisdom and care.

Humility, respect, and love to others is critical, especially in relationships between brothers and sisters.

Sometimes our communication with others becomes impolite, rude and lack of manners.

We should remember that forgiveness is an essential ingredient of reconciliation.

In Christ’s atoning death on the cross, God offered forgiveness to all who trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.

What are we boasting in? *Are we boasting in our accomplishments and strengths!!!!!!!!

As “Israel,” he was boasting in God’s grace and His grace alone.

Confidence in our flesh leads to pride or insecurity and misjudging others.
Confidence in God’s grace leads to humility and the edification of others.
Jooley Mathew Zachariah