Who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength

Judges 5:31So may all your enemies perish, O Lord! But may they who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength.”

In the chapter, we are introduced to two women who were used by God in great ways, for his glory.

Those women are Deborah and Jael.

One was a respected leader in the nation; the other was a simple housewife.

They came from different walks of life, but they were both used by God in remarkable ways.

Deborah was both a “prophetess” and a “judge”.

Deborah means “Bee”, and she was as busy as a bee!!!!!!!

As her name suggests, she was industrious, sharp perception , great usefulness, sweetness to her friends, and sharpness to her enemies.

Jael was a wise woman!
A Woman Who Made A Difficult Decision to kill a man, Sisera, who was superior to her in physical strength!!!!!!!!!

She trusted God rather than submit to fear.

The victory over Sisera results in Barak and Deborah launching into song.

Their song is recorded for us in chapter 5.

It is a song of praise to the God Who gave them the victory over their enemy.

Verse 31, is the conclusion of the song of Deborah.

This verse is a prophecy that reminds us that the enemies of the Lord will be destroyed, while the faithful saints of God will shine with His glory some day.

Our sun is the Lord Jesus Christ.
He lights up our lives, warms our hearts, embracing our lives with His radiance, penetrating into the deepest depth of our being.
He is our ray of hope.

How good when Jesus is able to enlighten us and our lives!

When we cling to Him and love Him, when we seek Him in prayers, in thought, in the Bible and in sermons, then His character begins to influence us.

Let us not be sensitive to the attacks of others.
Or even fear someone merely saying one bad word against us.

Let us not be self-centred, but rather sensitive to the needs of others.
God takes care of us, and we take care of others.

Jooley Mathew Z