Your Dream will come to pass

Genesis 37:19
And they said one to another, Behold, this dreamer cometh.

You wouldn’t have that opposition if you didn’t have something great in you

As a young boy, God gave Joseph a dream that one day his parents and his brothers would bow down before him.
Joseph should have used more wisdom and not told them about his dream.

Some people can’t handle what God has put inside you. They won’t celebrate you, rather, as Joseph’s brothers did, they’ll get jealous of you and start hating you.

When you have a dream, you’re going to have some detractors aswell. Sometimes the people closest to you will be the least supportive. When you believe that you can overcome an illness, Or when you believe that you can be successful in spite of past mistakes, some people will become jealous and try to make you look bad or try to take you out of it.
Don’t try to prove who you are or convince them to believe in you. You don’t need their approval. You have Almighty God’s approval.

Joseph has to undergo afflictions, difficulties and insults in his life to get fulfilled his dreams.

If God has put a dream in your heart remember that doesn’t mean it’s going to come to pass without oppositions, delays, and adversaries.

One thing we have to do, trusting in His promises and increasing our faith by prayers we have to keep moving forward…..
Sooner or later all our dreams will be fulfilled by the grace of God.

Stay Blessed 😊