Arrogance Condemned

Isaiah 2:11 “A day is coming when human pride will be ended and human arrogance destroyed. Then the Lord alone will be exalted.”

🔹It has been rightly stated that days of prosperity determine what exactly is the true character of an individual.
🔹As believers we cannot allow success to get into our heads.
🔹Pride is something that God abhors.
🔹However, as God is merciful, He always allows the prideful individual to embrace a posture of repentance.
🔹If the prideful individual repents, God’s mercy becomes available; but if there is no remorse, then God’s judgement becomes inevitable.
🔹Today too, the world is plagued with a similar situation.
🔹Leaders of nations exploit the poor, widows, orphans and favor the rich.
🔹Justice is denied and innocent people suffer under the merciless hands of these leaders.
🔹Sadly, even in churches something very similar exists, though not in such grotesque proportions.
🔹However, despite all this, we have a hope that one day all this will be destroyed and the Lord alone will be exalted.

🤔 Points to ponder

▶What can I glean through the failures of the Israerlites?
▶When successful, what has been my code of conduct?

Loving Heavenly Father
Help me to display a meek and humble spirit.
In Jesus name

Adi ✍🏻

Come All Ye Unfaithful

Song of Songs traces how the Bride grows from a single flower to a private garden to a city and become like the dawn…
[SS 2:1, 4:12-15, 6:4, 6:10]

It begins as she steps away from earthly loves (symbolized by Solomon). She grows as she experiences the faithful, unconditional, healing love of the Shepherd and learns to depend on HIS love & HIS arm… to abide in His love.

In Christ, _we have come into an intimate experience with God’s love, and we trust in the love He has for us… [1Jn 4:16 TPT]

The Shepherd knows just how weak & fickle the love of His Bride can be, and so He tells her:

Fasten Me upon your heart as a seal of fire forevermore. This living, consuming flame will seal you as my prisoner of love.

My passion is stronger than the chains of death and the grave, all-consuming as the very flashes of fire from the burning heart of God. Place this fierce, unrelenting fire over your entire being.

Rivers of pain and persecution will never extinguish this flame. Endless floods will be unable to quench this raging fire that burns within you.

Everything will be consumed. It will stop at nothing as you yield everything to this furious fire until it won’t even seem to you like a sacrifice anymore. [Songs 8:6-7 TPT]

But… Satan amplifies our needs & desires, and offers us worldly fulfillment… and we get duped… our gaze shifts, and our hearts and feet follow… we wander away from our First Love…

BUT… Isaiah brings a revelation of the steadfast, unconditional love and grace of God. God sees His Bride, broken, filthy, tormented by the consequence of submitting to satan’s seductions.
[Is 1:4-5]

The Bride had forgotten to set Him as the seal on her heart and arm. And yet, He invites –
“Now, let’s settle the matter. (Let’s talk it over, reason it out) You are stained red with sin, but I will wash you as clean as snow. Although your stains are deep red, you will be as white as wool. [Isa 1:18 GNB]

This song by Sovereign Grace that has been speaking to my heart:
O come, all you unfaithful
Come, weak and unstable
Come, know you are not alone
O come, barren and waiting ones
Weary of praying, come
See what your God has done
O come, bitter and broken
Come with fears unspoken
Come, taste of His perfect love
O come, guilty and hiding ones
There is no need to run
See what your God has done
He’s the Lamb who was given
Slain for our pardon
His promise is peace
For those who believe
He’s the Lamb who was given
Slain for our pardon
His promise is peace
For those who believe
So come, though you have nothing
Come, He is the offering
Come, see what your God has done
Christ is born for you

Heavenly King of Glory, forgive me for ever thinking that anything could complete me the way You can. Be the seal on my heart. Be the trainers on my eyes. Be the seal on my arm. I come to You as I am, and worship You… nothing in my hands I bring, simply to the Cross I cling… Change my heart, make it faithful and true. In Jesus Name. Amen.