Isaiah 49

This chapter gives great hope to all those who have been tried, oppressed and humiliated. This is because during their hard times they did not give up on waiting for the Lord, vs 23!

Isaiah explains that God had called him and His people Israel from the womb and had made his mouth as a sharp sword, and as an arrow that He hid in His quiver, vs 1,2. God did this because He desired to be glorified through His people, vs 3.

In the midst of his pain, even as Isaiah despaired, but yet did not give up hoping in the Lord, God assured him that he would be glorious in God’s eyes and that God would be his strength, vs 4. He was God’s servant who would also raise up the tribes of Jacob, and restore the preserved of Israel.

He would also be one who would be a light to the Gentiles, and bring the news of God’s salvation unto the ends of the earth, vs 5,6. Great exploits would be done by God through him. Kings would arise and princes come to worship, the earth would be established and God’s covenanted people would inherit the desolate heritages, vs 7,8. Further, prisoners would be set free and darkness expelled and hunger, thirst and heat would be eliminated, as their God would lead and guide them to the springs of living water, vs 9,10. All the mountains will be made into a way and highways exalted to bring back God’s people to their land in the midst of singing and joy for God will have mercy on His afflicted, vs 11-13.

Then Zion will understand that although she felt that God had forsaken her, yet her God could never do so, even if a nursing mother forgot her nursing child, for He had graven her upon the palms of His hands; and her walls are continually before Him, vs 14-16! Her children will return while her destroyers will depart, and more room would be needed in order to contain her many children that will be brought back to her, vs 17-22.

Kings and queens shall be among her servants and God assures with certainty, that this will surely come to pass for those who wait for His salvation with a trustful and hopeful heart and while cleansing themselves of all their own sin, for their Savior and Redeemer, who is the Mighty One of Jacob will contend with those who contend with them, and will surely save her children, vs 23-26!

Even so, as we cling to the Lord, His Word and His promises during our difficult times, while working out our own salvation in fear and trembling, and with a heart of thanksgiving, hand lifted up in surrender and a mouth full of praise, we too will become a blessing to many people of the earth, just like Isaiah was and God has intended us to be! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.