Man Proposes👍, God Disposes👎

👉 We humans can make whatever plans we want, but in the end, God is the one who decides what happens.

👉 Jeremiah prophesies concerning God’s dealings with the nations, revealing His overall sovereignty.

When YHWH speaks, it is done.
There are two oracles concerning Egypt.

1️⃣ The first, deals with the rout of the Egyptian armies at Carchemish as Nebuchadnezzar began to take over that part of the world (605 BC) after a lull following the final defeat of the Assyrians.

2️⃣ The second deals with Nebuchadnezzar’s ‘invasion’ of Egypt in a punitive expedition which occurred decades later.

All these point to the following:
1). God is sovereign over all nations.
2). God will call all nations and people into account. None can assume that they will be overlooked.
3). God will judge all peoples in accordance with the moral principles revealed in His covenant. Such moral principles are universal.
4). These prophecies are an indication of how God works in history, using one nation to punish another, and then punishing that nation for its own sins at the hands of others, and so on.
5). They reveal the powerful effectiveness of God’s ‘powerful word’ in reaching out to the nations.
6). In the worst of circumstances there is hope ahead for those who look to Him.

💥 It brings out how we are to see God’s activity in history.
💥 None of those nations even dreamed that what was happening to them resulted from ‘the word of YHWH’, but Jeremiah assures us that it was so.
💥 In the end it was man who was responsible for the evil of the situation.
💥The Babylonians are commanded to ensure that their victory is complete, and that due judgment is visited on the Egyptians.
💥 They indicate the tide of history, and that God is the Lord of history.


Princess Hudson