Obey and it will go well with us

❇️ Whether it is favourable or unfavourable, we will obey the Lord our God ………. so that it will go well with us (v6)

❇️ Though this was the assurance from the Jewish remnants to Jeremiah, on the contrarary they refused to obey God and hence it did not go well with them.

❇️ The reason for their disobedience is that they had already decided to go to Egypt to escape from the Babylonians based on their own assessment and they expected God to endorse their decision which they thought was right.

❇️ When Jeremiah told them that God wanted them to stay back in Judah and not go to Egypt they found it difficult to obey God’s word because they trusted their own senses.

❇️ Obedience is an action not words. Bible says, ” To obey is better than sacrifice”(1Sam.15:22).To obey God is to trust His wisdom and power despite the seemingly impossible situations.

Requirements to obey God
▶️ Faith in God’s word (Heb.11:8)
▶️ Fear of God (Heb.11:7)
▶️ Humility (Heb.11:25)
▶️ Knowledge of the Word ( Heb.4:11)
▶️ Fellowship of believers ( Heb.3: 13 -15)
▶️ Knowledge of rewards (Heb.4: 9&11)

❇️ Spurgeon said,” He who obeys God, trusts God; and he who trusts God, obeys.”
Let us introspect ourselves to make sure that we have the above to obey God so that it will go well with us.

Insights learnt:
▪️It will go well with us when we obey God
▪️To obey God is to trust his wisdom & power
▪️Knowledge of Word of God & Future rewards, Faith, Fear of God, Fellowship of believers and Humility are required for obedience

Vellore 🙏🏽

🔹God’s Plans: God chose Israel for a special purpose, but they disobeyed Him. God loves me and wants to fulfill His purposes. I should begin each day with a sincere desire to please the Lord, gladly expecting His appointments for me.

They may be circumstances that are unplanned, or the people I meet unexpectedly. But I should welcome them as opportunities to witness, to serve others, and to grow spiritually. Recognizing God’s sovereign leading; let us rejoice in His appointments. Truth is: In God’s plan there are no mistakes.

🔹The Making of Us: God punished His people Israel in order to bring them back to Himself. God wants to correct and purify me. I should welcome the result of correction. God disciplines and trains His sons and daughters. He may do so directly, or He may allow life’s hardships to melt me, mold me, and make me more like Jesus. Yet God’s chastening doesn’t feel very loving. Sometimes I even think it’s ruining me. But God’s discipline is the very thing that will save me from the ruin of my selfish, stubborn ways. Rather than resisting God’s correction, we can yield to Him, confident that His goal is our spiritual growth.

Truth is: God’s discipline is designed to make us like His Son.
All Glory to Lord Jesus Christ.

Br.John Rajan/ Admin.,
GCO. Shanthi Samuel,