Jesus is the creative Word

The Creator came (1-14). Compare this passage with Genesis 1 and note the emphasis on light and life. Moses wrote about the old creation, but John wrote about the new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Jesus is the creative Word and the living Word who reveals the Father to us. In His many miracles, Jesus showed His power as Creator. He is a faithful Creator, and you can trust your life to Him (1 Peter 4:19).

The Savior came (15-34). He came with grace and truth, not law and judgment. He revealed the Father and gave the Holy Spirit to those who trusted Him. He is the Lamb of God who alone can take away sins. The blood of lambs covered the sins of the Jews, but the blood of Christ takes away the sins of the whole world (Vs.29; 4:42).

The Master came (35-51). Jesus called a few men to follow Him, and He transformed their lives and used them to transform the lives of others. Simon’s new name (Peter, meaning “a stone”) symbolized a new beginning in his life. He became a part of the new creation, sharing in the fullness of grace (Vs. 16) Jesus calls each one individually and uses different approaches, but the same Master calls. Have you heeded His call?

The King came (49). Jesus came to His own creation and everything in creation obeyed Him; but His own people did not receive Him (Vs.11; 12:37-41). During His trial before Pilate, His kingship was the paramount issue (18:33-19:22); and it is still the issue today. Who is the king of your life?

Posted by brother Narayan