One flock and one Shepherd

Ultimate Vision

One flock and one Shepherd

❇️ Our Life Vision is the state or condition which God wants us to reach in our life. One flock and one shepherd is the ultimate vision of our Lord for us to move towards and become part of it. He wants all of us focus our efforts towards this future reality.

❇️ A similar vision is given in Eze.37:24 – My servant David will be king over them and they will all have one Shepherd.

❇️ Every vision has to have both aspirational and inspirational components in order to become a reality i.e we must desire it and it must excite us.This vision of our Lord has both the aspects in plenty.

❇️ When the vision is inspirational enough it jump starts this future reality by drawing out our passion, commitment, talents, ideas and our resources to make this happen.

❇️ Our Life Vision to become a reality following qualities are essential.

▪️ Hope – Rom. 8:24
▪️ Passion – Php.3:13-14
▪️ Staying power – Acts 20:23 & 24

❇️ In order to join our hands with our Lord in realizing this vision we need to clarify our life and gel with this vision by asking the following questions and finding the right answers which will make us connect with this vision.

  1. What is the centre of my life? – God’s will or my will
  2. What is the character of my life? – Kind of person I want to become in life
  3. What is the contribution of my life? – Service I want to render in my life
  4. What is the communication of my life? – Message of my life to others
  5. What is the community of people I want to serve? People for whom I have burden

❇️ Once we find the right answers to these questions we need to match them with the God given vision of One flock and one Shepherd. This will kindle hope and passion in our mission to steadfastly move towards this vision.

✅ Insights learnt:
▪️One flock and one shepherd is a God given vision for all
▪️Vision is both aspirational & inspirational
▪️We need to clarify our life and match our life to the God given vision.

Vellore 🙏🏽